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1821 : The Ottoman / Turco - Egyptian conquest of Sudan ( Sudan was known to them as the black Land Areas or Territories – south of the Sahara Desert by the Arabs since 700 b.c ) was to unify what they called small insignificant independent African – Sudan villages under the Ottoman Empire .

1840 : Captain Salim Bey occupied areas along the Nile up to Gondokoro , ( near Juba – Lado ) whereby , the whole of the Bahr al-Ghazal regions in the South Sudan were invaded and occupied by Turco-Egyptian forces .

1871 : Lado was invaded by the joint forces from Britain , France , Italy , Austria and the United States of America and together with Turco Egyptian forces and was renamed EQUATORIA and left to be administered by Egypt as a Province of Egypt under the Sovereignty of Ottoman ( Turkish ) Empire .

1881 : The Arabized Black Tribes in Sudan under their Spiritual Guide Leader Mahommed Ahmed in 1881- 84 joined Lado 's War against the European - Ottoman / Turco – Egyptian government forces and to drive them away from the Sudan Lands .

1883 : Mohamed Ahmed " al-Mahdi " captured Al-Obeid in South Sudan and from here began the era of building the Mahdi States of the North and South Sudan occupied which was predominately of the Arab descedents who settled in these Regions .

1885 : Mahdist forces continued , captured Khartoum after a long seige ; British General Charles .G . Gordon who by then was the Governor of Sudan was killed . The Sudan States of North predominantly of Arab descent and South predominantly of the original Native Blacks became known as the two Mahdi States as : North and South Mahdi States .

1885 : Al-Mahdi died ; the Khalifa Abdullahi took over to rule the Mahdi States .

1892 : King Leopold of Belgium entered from Congo in Equatoria - Lado , and pretended extending Belgium Administration up to Mongalla which was in South Sudan . But following , the term Agreements of BerlinTreaty , the Equatoria - Lado " Lado enclave " became and was exclusively made part of the Belgian Congo when the French interviened in the South Sudan Areas . The French forces under Major Marchand occupied parts of Bahr - al - Ghazal , Mongalla and Western Upper Nile to Fashoda which were all forming the South Mahdi or South Sudan parts and by 1896 the French had an administration in these areas lying North of Lado . Lado remained still , legally , according to the Berlin General Acts ( Berlin Treaty ) of 26 February 1885 under Belgium .

1896 : Belgians under Military intimidation by Britain agreed by a False Statement made by the British of the illegal term '' Leasing Lado to Belgium '' to release then Lado enclave Belgium to British control when King Leopold of Belgium would die .

1897 : French forces from Djibouti set off across Ethiopia aiming - unsuccessfully - to link up with the Fashoda expeditions and annex Southern Sudan to French West Africa . The " Fashoda incident " results from Marchand's encounter with British forces .

1898 : Anglo - Egyptian forces led by General Kitchener overthrew the Mahdist State ( both North and South States ) in the battle of Omdurman . The two countries ( Britain and Egypt ) agreed to establish the Condominium Rule over North and South Mahdist States which later became known : Anglo / Egyptian Sudan .

1899 : Condominium Agreement was signed which involved France . French agreed to withdraw from South Sudan . The Condominium became known as the ANGLO / EGPTIAN Condominium Territory which in future in 1956 will get its Independence and become the Unified / United Republic State of Sudan with the Sovereign Status under the Condominium : Britain and Egypt . ( Britain secreetly had Occupied Egypt in 1882 ) .

1908 : Wad Haboba uprising in the Gezira against the Anglo / Egyptians but never lasted .

1910 : Belgium's King Leopold died ; the Lado enclave was falsely added to British Administration after twenty - one years of fierce fighting to oust the Foreign Invaders and the Belgians , who had remained with the British to share Lado between them , decided to withdraw their troops . Infact , Britain Made a False Document as said '' to Lease Lado '' ; refusing to let go of their Precious Conquest of Lado since Britain could not own Lado by Legal means or on the Battlefield . Britain drew up this False Document saying that Belgium had Leased Equatoria ( Lado ) to Britain after several failed attempts to Force or Bribe the Kings of Lado , like His Majesty / AGOFE / KING , H.M Ayingani Ajua , H.M Anacleto Atobua and more later still would want to force in 1962 the Present King ( AGOFE / KING ) H.M John Bart Agami Onzima II to hand over the Sovereignty of Lado to the British Crown . Britain resorted to cheating and used the false Lease Contract in September 1892 as they ( Belgians ) were bound by the Paris Treaty , the Berlin Treaty and the Vienna Convention to side with Britain in the Question of the Colonies and the Partition of the African Continent . So , at least formally , though not practically , Belgium is still Responsible for the present day Illegal Occupation of Lado .

LADO Nation and People Still Intact

It should still be known to a few that Lado has remained intact as a Nation and a People inside the old borders in spite of the joint Occupation by Britain and Belgium since 1947.

Legally , though , it was still the Ottoman Empire which was responsible for the Occupation of Lado , even after the break - up of the Ottoman Empire , which became the Republic of Turkey by the Lausanne Agreement of 24 July 1923 . LADO still is withstanding Foreign Occupation as such and till now in the 21st Centuary and the Lado people are still fighting over their Land on the Issue of Independence and Sovereignty Rights in this Water Shade Region of Africa known as ' LADO - The Heart of Africa ' .


In a False Statement to the rest of the world to know , Britain issued and continue still in a wrong direction of Political education propaganda for people to know that , '' The Lado Enclave '' in Africa was leased to King Leopold II as a personal consession for his lifetime by Great Britain and with this ( King Leopold II's death ) , the Lado Enclave was then returned to the British control . Basing their ( Britain / British Governments reasonings ) on this false political propaganda , Britain - '' the British Governments '' - have always blocked and are still blocking the Independence issue of Lado in Central Africa .




To begin with and in the first place , in writing here , the Official name of the STATE OF LADO , the State Kingdom of Lado , being talked about is bordered by Sudan : North and South Sudan States to the North , by Ethiopia and Kenya to the North – East , by Uganda to the East , by D R Congo / former Zaire to the West and by the Central African Republic to the North – West . And the name Lado is the correct Identity of the people of Lado .

The Map of Lado ( cf : THE HISTORIC MAP OF LADO IN AFRICA ) long since was established on the World Maps and to find out , please Pin or put in Browse to open to see the Internet google explorations of the Map of Lado in its Geographyical position to its Neighbouring Country States surrounding it :

The following are the Regions of Lado Kingdom :

1. ITURI REGIONS – ( Bordered by Democratic Republic of Congo / former Zaire to the West ) ,

2. NILE REGION – ( Bordered by Uganda to the East ) ,

3. TORIT REGION – ( Bordered by Sudan / South Sudan inclusive , Ethiopia , Kenya , and Uganda to the North – East ) ,

4. UELE REGION – ( Bordered by Democratic Republic of Congo / former Zaire and Central African Republic / CAR to the North–West ) ,

5. YEI REGION – ( Bordered by Sudan / South Sudan and Central African Republic / CAR to the North and North–West ) .

The Colonial Writings refered and still refer to Lado Kingdom by different names as it suited or suits their purposes and time , as : Equatoria , Lado Enclave , West Nile , Haut Nil , Southern or South Sudan etc -- etc -- .

The Turco/Egyptian Colonialists called it : The Equatoria Province of Egypt , The British ( at one time ) called it Lado Enclave , while the Belgians called it Haut Nil . And now , the Foreign Occupying Administrations give different names to Lado Kingdom as to what they wish to get after the Partition of Lado Kingdom . An Objective , the Lado Political Authorities are fighting for tooth and Nail .

Was or has there been or is there Lack of Information on Lado Kingdom ?

It is not true that there was or there is no Information on / about Lado Kingdom in Africa but the damn true fact is that , it seems , most of the African people and especially the African Politicians , or the Educated Africans , do not notice anything unless it appears on BBC or American Radio / Television ( T V ) net works . Yes , unfortunately Lado Politics is not being done through the BBC or the CNN , for a number of reasons which can not be discussed here yet in this hard_talk message discussion on Lado . But still the Lado People are using their Time , Brains , and Sacrifice as much
as they can of their resources for Lado . It cannot be done by sitting and waiting for somebody to give them Money to be an Independent and Sovereign State .

In one way , many of the Africans who are seen , or regard themselves as Politicians or Scolars or Elites should have kept open eyes , open ears , open minds to look back into the past on the question of Lado in Africa . So , lack of information of or about Lado , is because a few only care about Lado and for the rest Lado is not important as they don't receive Money . Yet these many people in Africa and elsewhere on this world know that this Region in the Heart of Africa – Lado ( known Equatoria ) has a Political Conflict unsolved since the Juba Conference in 1947 .

In Africa , Lado information has already been forwarded even to the African Leaders of the Countries surrounding Lado by the Lado Executive Political Office – THE GREEN BUREAU - headed by the AGOFE of the State Kingdom of Lado , that , the Political Solution to the question of Lado , is the getting of Independence of Lado from Belgium and Britain . And this is being done and better to do it through peaceful Political Negotiations to avoid any more Bloodsheds . And even all Liberation Movements and their Armies in Africa have been informed that Lado would like to reach such
Political solution in her Region ( Lado ) through peaceful means .

The LADO Political Strategy

In order to grasp the Lado Political System , a quick glances at the Political Stepping Stones to Lado's present difficulties on the Nile – Watershed of Africa is Required .

The Sudan ( hereby is refering to the Sudan State and including the newly caved out of South Sudan country in 2011 out of the Sudan State ) as an Issue over Lado

a ) In 1927 , the British Governor General of Sudan recommended that , in order to occupy and colonise the Africans / Peoples of Lado , such as the Sudanic people of Lado , their Political Leaders ( the Agofe / King , the Opi – Drikulu / Head Chiefs , the Opi -i / Chiefs and Barui-i / Families ) have to be killed or exterminated in Lado .

b ) And Indeed , the British Governments took this policy seriously and practised it in the State of Lado Kingdom . This in return for Lado , slowed down the struggle for the Independence of Lado since 1947 . The Lado Political Authorities Concerned , have all the time to make sure that , they are not exterminated . So , various methods of work had / has still to be done to minimise the chances of getting easily assassinated . If a ruling Agofe / King of Lado dies there is already another prepared one to take over for the defence of Lado .

c ) In 1947 , Juba Conference was held , which was chaired by the Chief Secretary of Anglo / Egyptian Sudan ( North Sudan , South Sudan united as one State ) and the State of Lado ( Lado Enclave / Haut Nil ) . The Juba Conference of 1947 , was to determine the case of the Independence of Lado , of which , what you now call Equatoria in Sudan or South Sudan is a part , by the Cairo Agreement of 19 January 1899 and the Agreement of 13 December 1906 . By then , this part was not occupied by Britain . It was clear that Lado was to be Independent and Sovereign State . Lado
was not and Lado is not a part of North Sudan or Southern called South Sudan State at all .

However , in the same year of April 1947 , the issue of Lado was then raised at the United Nations / UN for the Independence of Lado . Belgium and Britain became the two Joint Administering Countries of Lado . But they never prepared Lado ( Article 73 of UN ) to be an independent and Sovereign State . Instead , on 14 April 1948 , the Prime Minister of Lado Colonel Anacleto Atobua who was being prepared as an Agofe , was assassinated by the British Authorities ; in the period of ( the Labour Government of the Rt . Hon . Clemente Richard Atlee , the British Prime Minister by then ) .

TORIT Massacres of 1955 in Sudan ( combined North and South Sudan States )

On 1 January 1956 , Anglo/Egyptian Sudan got Independence under the name of Sudan , from Britain . But all the preparations for the Independence of Lado was stopped by the British Authorities ; and the British hurried to give the Independence of Anglo/Egyptian Sudan after the Torit Massacres of August 1955 and thereby ignored the fact that , there were / are still Four States in that Nile Valley Basin Region : [b]LADO , SOUTH SUDAN , NORTH SUDAN , and EGYPT .[/b]

While the People of South Sudan did not object to the inclusion of its Land and People to North Sudan , the people of Lado ( Equatoria ) protested and this was clearly demonstrated by the Liberation War the Lado people of Torit Region , Yeyi Region , and Rholi Region fought . This war was known as the ANYANYA War from 1955 – 1972 . It was a War of Lado Liberation under Rev . Fr Saturnino Lokure ( Luhure ) a citizen of Lado , who was assassinated on 7 June 1967 . Major General Joseph Lagu of Madi Tribe ( Lado ) was the Military Officer in charge of the Military Affairs .

The Kokora Policy

President , General Jaafar Nimeeri of the Republic State of Sudan by then ( North Sudan and South Sudan united ) , after the Peace Agreement of 27 March 1972 signed in Addis Ababa , in Ethiopia between the Ladoans of Equatoria Region and Sudan State Government , introduced the Policy of trying to solve Lado Affairs and Sudan in the Region in a such away , the Lado Region of Equatoria was finally to be separated from that of South Sudan . This is what is locally termed and widely known in Sudan ( both North and South ) and Lado as Kokora Policy .

The New Boundary followed the Colonial Boundaries between Lado and Southern Sudan , by the Cairo Agreement of January 1899 . And so from that Agreement , the Ladoans who signed the Addis Ababa Agreement of 27 March 1972 with the Government of Sudan State were taking , one step at a time , in order to reach the State Affairs of the Lado Political Authority when the issue of Lado could reach a Final Solution to the Independence of Lado Kingdom in the Heart of Sudan Central Africa as such . Accordingly so , what is called East and West Equatoria in Sudan or in South Sudan State now is North part of Lado Kingdom . In brief to say , is that : East and West Equatoria are the Occupied zones of Lado , now placed , under this newly caved out South Sudan State - Country in 2011 by the Anglo / Americans in the Heart of Africa to hide the Struggling efforts of Lado Indepedence issue . The Anglo / Americans do not want and hate LADO to exist .

The NILE Region of Lado Kingdom

Meanwhile , in the Nile Region of Lado ( which in Uganda is called West Nile ) Great Britain had laid down the Border between Lado and Uganda in 1907 , was fighting the British Colonialism for the Independence of Lado Kingdom . And it was this Nile Region of Lado here that if Great Britain got the Signature of Lado Representative , the AGOFE / King of Lado , then Lado would have been Killed as a Political Entity .

The ITURI and UELE Regions of Lado Kingdom

In ITURI Region and Uele Region , which were and are still under the Democratic Republic of Congo / former Zaire Administration ( Belgium ) , the Simba Liberation War by the Ladoans was fought and still being fought for the Independence of Lado . While in the Nile Region where the Agofe / King is , every body knows in Lado that , The AGOFE of Lado Kingdom , refused to sign any Agreement with the British Authorities that the Nile Region ( West Nile and Madi ) was to become British East Africa or Protectorate of Uganda . So , just before the Independence of Uganda on 12 September 1962 , The Agofe himself ( John Bart Agami Onzima II ) who still is a live todate , was arrested and quickly Sentenced to seven ( 7 Years ) of imprisonment , and imprisoned in Luzira Prison at Kampala in Uganda , for not Signing the Annexation Treaty or Document to Annex Lado to the British East Africa to which Uganda was / is a part .

Lado Political Authorities

The Lado Political Authorities , since 1947 , worked together with the militia Liberation Groups of ( Simba Military units of Ituri and Uele in Congo/Zaire and Anyanya Military units of Torit , Rholi , Yeyi of Lado - Equatoria in Sudan ) under the Military Commander-in- Chief of Lado command based in the Nile Region of Lado .

One of the Political Leaders of Lado Kingdom ( North Lado ) , Rev. Father Saturnino Lokure who by the time was in South Lado ( Nile Region of Lado ) was Killed in Uganda by the Uganda Army , when he and some of his Assistants went to collect Medical Supplies for the Refugees and Diplaced Ladoans from ( Yeyi , Torit , Rholi , of Equatoria / Lado ) . This was in the Catholic Mission of Laco in Acholi , Uganda . All Yei , Torit , Rholi Politicians know about this incidence very well . And they are able to figure out Why ? It falls within the British appointed Governor of Sudan , General Sir John Maffey Policy or Reccomendation of 1927 and every Body knows too , that Uganda is under British Sovereignty york ( AUTHORITY ) and till todate . The Commonwealth Countries help Carry out the United Kingdoms of Great Britain and Northern Ireland ' s / UK Policies only to destroy Lado .

On 25 January 1971 , Major General Idi Amin Dada a Kakua / Kuku and of Lado origin , became the President of Uganda , The AGOFE of Lado returned from Exile in France , and hoped to work with Uganda gradually , and to reach a Political Solution on the Issue of Lado Kingdom . But things did not work that way , although by 1973 , He managed to Confirm the International recognised Boundary Agreement between Lado and Uganda of 1907 ( which was fixed by Sir Wiston S . Churchill , the British Prime Minister by then ) , by the Agreement of 31 May 1973 signed in the Nile Conference held in Kampala , Uganda . This Boundary Agreement is between the Jonam and Madi of Lado and the Acholi of Uganda . It is River Ayugi which is the dividing Natural Feature boundry line . But Again the AGOFE's Life was threatened , so He left Lado in 1974 to continue his living life in Exile as before since 1962 . He is a Political Refugee for over 50 Years now as a Stateless Refugee King ( AGOFE ) of the Kingdom of Lado till todate .

On 11 April 1979 , General Idi Amin Dada was overthrown and the Amin Regime in Uganda was overthrown . The Ladoans of Sudanic Origin were chased and Massacared with Impunity in Uganda and in the Nile Region of Lado itself , ( known in Uganda as West Nile ) . Over 350,000 People of Lado were Massacred / Perished . It was Recognised by Uganda and in the Uganda plans of 1967 and Uganda decree of 12 May 1980 , Art. 5 and Art. 10 ) ,
in that ,[b] Ladoans are Foreigners in Uganda[/b] . Ugandans are / were Right . Because Ladoan's Country '' The kingdom State of Lado '' is not yet Independent as a Political Entity in Africa .

Truely in this War of 1979 , this time , the Nile Region Ladoans were the ones who ran to Yeyi , Torit , Rholi , Regions of Lado which were / are still under as Occupied Territories of the Sudan or under the now newly created Independent South Sudan Country - State and to Uele and Ituri which are the Occupied Territories of the Democratic Republic of Congo / former Zaire . By 1986 about 500,000 Sudanic of Lado were Killed .

In the same Year , 9 May 1979 , The Sudanic Refugee Organisation / SRO was formed by the AGOFE and the Chiefs of Lado and as is their Political duty to Protect the People of Lado and the Land of Lado . And the Provisional Government of Lado was formed on 7 March 1987 on the date to remember and to recall of the AGOFE of Lado , Karanga ( General ) Ayingani Ajua who was assassinated on 7 March 1887 by the combined British , Turkey and Egyptian military forces in the War against Lado People .


In 1983 , Sudan Peoples Liberation Movement ( SPLM ) was founded in the Sudan State to fight the Ladoans and between 1985 and 1987 to the present time Ladoans were / have been working hard to prevent Britain using SPLM / SPLA Chairman of Sudan under Colonel John Garang and Uganda under President Yoweri Museveni to wage wars against Lado . Infact , President Yoweri Museveni and Colonel John Garang reached a Secreet Agreement over Lado , with the Support of Britain and United States of America , USA . That is why Britain and USA were very Keen on the Issue of an Independent South Sudan to be created , hoping that , they would / will make it destroy Lado and prevent the Equatoria Region to be a part of Lado . The Religion Factor of MUSLIM / CHRISTIAN was / is a Cover up for destroying the State of Lado Kingdom . From these facts , however , the Ladoans do not know yet how the African Politicians / Elites saw , were seeing / are seeing till now and understand the Sudan SPLM / SPLA wars which were meant to fight the North Sudan Government of Khartum , were always fought in Equatoria ( Lado ) . The Villages destroyed were and times to go on , will always be those in Equatoria , the Leaders of Equatoria get Assassinated or Killed such as Mr. Joseph Oduho , when at SPLM / SPLA Meetings .

To the People of Lado ( Ladoans ) know that the true National Citizens of South Sudan : the[b] Dinka , Nuer , Shiluk , Jo Luo people[/b] of the Regions of Southern or South Sudan Country were / are still being used by Britain and United States of America - USA to help them to destroy LADO as a Nation - State Kingdom in Mother Continent Africa . They are also busy working now on to Control all , so called Elites of Equatoria ( Lado ) , to work for them to include permanentely the Region ( Equaoria / Lado ) as part of South or so called Christian Southern or South Sudan Country Independent under the Anglo/American Sovereignty ever to be .

Lado People said and continue to say Big NO and NO to this Anglo/American and heavily being supported militarily of course by United States of America , ( USA ) . They are using the United Nations ( UN ) as the Institute to implement their Plans always . Truely they have Created so , the Southern / or South Sudan as the Independent Country now under them in 2011 and think they have finally Partitioned Lado Kingdom . But on our minds and every body knew and knows till todate and as a reminder to all to know , there was one time a Country in the Nile Basin called South Sudan
State Country and indeed separate from North Sudan State Country and State Country of Lado . ( Ref: The Map of Africa since 1895 ) . It is not by the 2011 year date that Southern or South Sudan became an Independent State in Africa for the first time and so thanking Britain and United States of America - USA for that . The Political Game play here , is about of the Occupation of North Lado Territory and the whole of Lado Kingdom as such only , for these two Big Powers : United Kingdoms of Britain and Northern Ireland - UK and United States of America – USA in Controling
Africa from the Heart which is Lado .

Another witty People along side who worked and are still working to destroy Lado Kingdom as people , if Ladoans may be wrong , are the many people working in Churches , were being used and are used as usual to help Britain and United States to Kill Lado . Especially such People were being paid and as usually are paid so , special attention and treatment in the terms of ( Money , Property owns and Honour ) and when it came to the Creating of the Independence Issue of South Sudan . Well , Ladoans know for themselves and they do understand how difficult it is for one to Risk and
Sacrifice so much in order to work for Lado . No Independence and Sovereignty come easily anyway .

The Struggle for Lado's Freedom continues still !

To continue text ----

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