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The US is but the field operatives of Israel

Someone please elaborate how the US pimps Israel (compared to the other way around). I bet you cannot do it.

Its the ancient egyptian re-enactment:

Let us also realize that Islam (Arabs)(Set) is Judaism's (Israel's)(Osiris) concocted semitic adversary and twin...the Cain/Abel from the Osiris/Set relationship. Xtianity (USA)(Horus) is the reborn Britain (NEW England).

We must overstand the historical connections that reveal that USA is but the semitic heir to England which was a semitic heir to the Romans and them from the Greeks. (that was the fuss with Hitler's Germany. He sighted that semites concocted and manipulated the power flow which he felt belonged to Germanics as the "rightful owners and rulers".

The Semites learned all too well from the Kemites during their stay. but they twisted this knowledge for aquisition and dominance, yet with a passive spin. In other words, they realize the power of femininity but by sequestering this knowledge from the masses. Kabbalists bring trouble to their agendas by acknowledging femininity and Afrikan originality/sourcing.

The key is to keep us ignorant. As I have said before, Michael Jackson was destroyed because his "Remember the Time" video caused too much of an association between blackness and Kemet, which through suppression and dis-information, was painted as a place of sorcery and oppression and NON-blackness by semitic folklore/writ. Let us recall that Semites claim knowledge of Kemet (in their writs) long before Europe was even "born" so why do we blame Europeans for stealing? What was their information basis other than judeo-xtian ideology which demonized Kemet and Afrika as a whole?

Why do we continue to blame Europeans for the poisonous depictions of Afrika when those depictions are based upon Semitic writs which pre-date Greece (the original europeans)?


The reason the semitic controllers have been so effective is because they have tapped into the natural essences that the Osiris-Isis-Horus relationship depicts. However they do it with a Setian victory instead of a Heru-ic victory. That is where we come in. That is why the black female is being courted and uplifted (in lieu/absence of the black man...a la Oprah minus Steadman). This is done to prevent a true Isis/Auset from producing a true Heru.

As kween said in so many words, "our internal forums have been compromised".


but anyway...the victimization card has been the joker in the deck throughout written history. No wonder there is association between ancient historical writs and holy writs and hebrew.

Look at america today. The way to control information is control the media outlets and so-called information venues.

They own ALL AREAS except for our psyches. But with our acceptance of their implementations, including their religious/universe sights, our psyches simply lay out the "red carpet" to their philosophy.

And the GREATEST feat is to have us fussing and hating on europeans.

Better to deflect our attention to the field overseers than the actual hidden slavemasters.

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