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I aint did nuttin to nobody

What another ludicrous, sneaky-poo, cowardly, and very eurocentric attempt to slip a mickey mouth into the common-sense of the reasoners of this board.

Since you have already declared me your enemy, I have nothing to lose by responding to your dishonest farcical smoke-screen.
I am beginning to believe that you are indeed a masochist. You are begging for attention, even be it violent, by any means necessary with the incredulous “analogies” that you have purposely conjectured. ("nobody paid attention to my light and dark afrocentrists post but this will get 'em")

It is similar to a battered wife who doesn’t feel like she is getting attention from her husband unless he is wringing her neck...so you prod and prod and finally wham!

So you have successfully OJ Simpsonized me...so here I am, stooping down and submerged in the White Bronchial rhetoric that you have spewed forth.

You are a coward because you refuse to face WHITENESS (not to mention blackness). You refuse to search your own self for the obvious answers so you want to hold on to your constructed high-chair. You feel the axes chopping this chair down that you have earned with your whiteness. That is right. Your whiteness IS under attack but you should be worried about it IF and only IF you try to maintain it. In other words, Sodom and Gomorrah are being destroyed, you have been instructed to flee and not look back, but you cannot refuse the last glance and because of it your heart and mind are dense pillars of salt.

Instead of attacking SEXISM (that you conveniently just exploit for argument sake), you decide to flank victims of RACISM by dealing the sexism joker.

Why the attachment to whiteness? Tell me what it means to be of a white culture. Explain what it is that connects you to your white brothers and sisters of the world...other than the fact that your status as a white is propagated upon the dead bones, the servitude, the demonization and inferiorization of black people and blackness.

While it is true that downpression of femininity/women was the first ill, it absolutely does not compare to the subsequent unnatural destruction that followed ever since. It is not even about comparing statistics, it is about the impact upon humanity. You are so unconscious of, yet beneficial of the ‘business as usual’ white privilege that you do not even have the decency to position your argument (babble) in solidarity with the BLACK female. At least white women were protected from savagery by the fact that white men had white wives, white sisters and white mothers, so they could empathize with white women. But black women were raped of more than just their bodies...try minds, spirit, dignity and more importantly try knowing that your child, upon birth, WILL be extracted from your hands and auctioned off, just to be LEGALLY raped and beaten later on or LEGALLY sold or forced-mated for breeding purposes...or to become a fleshy depository for the itchings between the legs of massa who chopped off the scrotums of any male that even flinched like he was going to be a MAN and defend her sanctity.

You have shown your detachment from the reality and history of the people that you audaciously and unrespectfully “reason” with...and you have the nerve to CHASTISE. Your white-entitlement-syndrome has even given you justification to invade Rastafari holy ground.

Sexism is a corrupted mindset. Racism is a corrupted mindset with horrific, degrading, terroristic applications. Please do not have me “compare phallic dimensions” with a remedial review of what has and is happening. Sexism at least offers chivalry within the chauvanism. But what is the sweet smile trickery behind racism? There is none!

Writing a check as a form of reparations is a cop-out insulting tactic that ones have tried to make the movement seem like. True reparations starts with a self-acknowledgment that the construct and maintenance of the white/male/supreme identity upon those that are white have caused catastrophic, genocidal and environmental damages upon the entire Earth...AND maybe everyone’s, BUT definitely YOUR survival now depends on it.

If you ask me, I think the whole reparations speak is a spin-doctored invention by those “conscious” but still whiteness-clinging whites who realize that they have disrupted Universal balances and hope and pray for complacency from the BLACK Collective spirit.

Really, it is too late unless IMMEDIATE and DRASTIC measures are taken...and it starts with acknowledging AND acting AGAINST the white/male/superiority mindsets FIRST.

Reparations (as presented) is a contrived set-up.(and don't make me say what group I think is behind it) But that still should not be a concern of yours if you search yourself and your id-entity.

If you cannot digest the thought of "reparations" to blacks, then swallow the reality of reparations to the Earth. And the Earth ain't begging and legislating for hers, she WILL receive it!!!


If you really want Truth, why not search the website for Rootsie's (and others') thoughts.

nahhh, you just want daddy's attention.

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I aint did nuttin to nobody
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hum allah!
Re: hum allah!
do as i say not as i do? you are right
Re: do as i say not as i do? you are right

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