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Why the inability to grasp Natural Truth

I hope to honor my thoughts and speak with a true and humble heart and mind...and if it is flawed, please let me know so that I may be righted in my journey to Self.

Babylon has poisoned our Minds and Nature just as destructively (it is no coincidence...they are both THE SAME)

What is Nature?

First the book definition:
[[[[[[[Nature - the phenomena of the physical world, and also to life in general. Nature is also generally distinguished from the spiritual or supernatural.]]]]]]]

Now I sight’s definition:
Nature from the word Net-jer (GOD/JAH) is Energy and/or Matter and its actions, principles and essences. Everything is Energy and Matter and Father Energy and Mother Matter are everywhere (omnipresent).

The book definition refers to nature as being distinguished from spiritual or supernatural...and that is BUNK!!!
There is absolutely NOTHING that is outside the realm of “Nature”, there are only unknown or un-discovered realities that we have not or choose not to define.

The distinguishing (separation) between Nature (science) and Supernatural (spirituality) which are Twins is the MOST IMPORTANT “jedi mind trick” of Babylon. This separation is in essence the separation of I (self/mind) from JAH (all selves/minds).

(God) “G”-is-us (Jesus)
Yes-you-are (Yeshua)
Yes, I AM

BLASPHEMY!!! you might say, but word/sound/powers are no coincidence.

Its simple Divide and Conquer...and it started with the Self/Mind. And was manifested through the separation of men from feminine powers (not weaknesses) and the subsequent downpression of the Female...the destruction and supression of Father Blackness/Mother Afrika is but the symptom of this envious "Oedipal" tirade. (thanks Seshata 7)

This separation divides the Physical from the Mental/Spiritual by its own definition. A set of rules were established that determined what was “real” or not real only by sensual or physical means, thus disregarding spiritual/mental sensitivities, thus belittling absolute power in the female's hand (9 months), thus
de-powering, hiding and demonizing “unseen” yet absolutely real truths...for example, the Pyramids still bewilder modern Science but does not baffle Spirituality. But Spirituality has been rendered as departmentalized, trivial or more importantly a matter of “faith” (which is a slick way of saying doubt), instead of a matter of FACT.

Faith is trying and then maybe, hopefully...
Knowledge is doing, period.

There is a story of Osiris (Ausar), Isis (Auset), and Horus (Heru). Within it is told the Truths of the cycle of Humanity/Life. There are aspects of Science and Spirituality connected to ALL Netjer. And not coincidentally, there are aspects of science and spirituality connected to ALL aspects of LIFE.

Now either physical life IS or IS NOT precious. If it is, we are doing a disservice to unborn descendants by passing on faith about AFTER life...already we render their existence here as meaningless...we have already condemned their fate by not changing. Why not "abort" in that case. Why subject them to Racism and Destruction?

They even separated "heaven" and "hell" from reality, so we do not feel we are accountable to change. But if we sighted that we have to come back into this Babylon cess-pool and deal with the same mess over and over again, I bet some of us would start behaving differently. But not when you are taught to stay in pocket, do your time, and then live in paradise forever, somewhere else.

Notice that since science and spirituality are separated, we are engrained with FEAR of both.
Why fear a snake when you KNOW its nature, just act accordingly
Why fear a storm when you KNOW it nature, just act accordingly
Why fear a God when you KNOW its Love, just act accordingly
Why fear a death when you KNOW its outcome (rebirth), just act accordingly.

There is nothing wrong with knowing, except if someone does not want you to act accordingly!!!

The separation of the twins allow the enemy to input the Fear, Guilt, and Shame demons because we DO NOT KNOW anymore and now need his graceful (God bless the missionaries) intervention to re-tie (religion) our poor, lost, unfortunate connection to Him/Her but with hidden truth and label it as Faith.

Faith is indeed a lessor word/power than knowledge...what is wrong with calling it knowledge. We cannot call it Knowledge because the separation has caused the inability to prove the other either absolutely false or absolutely true. We call it faith because it is intended to keep the masses on the fence.

Notice that ones responded to the Faith post by mentioning how ones NEED hope...did you not notice that those that need faith, and hope, and desire, and wants are those WITHOUT...So isn’t it ironic that those without are a result of the implementations of the same Babylon?

Babylon has done nothing but create voids in which cause ones have needs...and then “come to the rescue” with a salvation that you could not get before their expansionism. Just like technology, what have we really gained.

They feed the starving...yeah after controlling food production and marketing
We have lights...yeah, now we don’t get enough sleep
Medical advances...yeah, created diseases also...a cure for sickness puts the medicals/pharmaceuticals out of business
Driving cars...yeah and destroy the environment
Improved schools...yeah, so we can absorb the indoctrinated system more clearly
Artificial hearts...well what made hearts go sick in the first place
Internet, abundance of information/truth...yeah but a cess-pool of dis-information and a tracking device, no anonymity

Mother Nature from the sub-atomic to the galactic is and always has been the HIGHEST TRUTH. And if we are a part of Nature, and we are to "know thyself", why does that not include knowing Nature.

Once we overstand the connection between Self-Nature-Jah-Truth, we won’t need Babylon faith peddlers no more and will KNOW (or better yet, RE-MEMBER) that WE ARE THAT ARE!!!

I don't hope or believe I AM, I know I AM...am I not?


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