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Questions about Afrikan Inity


Do black people really want unity?

Or do we want to have disputes about who is more Afrikan than the next?

Is it best to focus on idealogical differences or similarities?

Is it folly to expect all Afrikan people to think the same due to the fact that Afrikans is not one monolithic group? Afrika is filled with different religions and cultures.

But do we all have to think the same to unite?

So what do we do when one Afrikan has a different view of the other?

Do we insist that our view is the correct view and the others are wrong?

Do we verbally insult those who have a different perspective?

Arent there many paths to the same destination?

Do we stand firm on something that was imposed on us by Europeans (colorism for ex.) or do we try to transcend these things?

Is there really any benefit to alienate brothas and sisters in the name of standing firm?

Isnt it more beneficial to embrace all shades of black brothas and sistas who are fighting for Afrikan liberation ?

Will we ever put away our petty differences?

Is Afrikan unity an illusion to be pursued, but never obtained?

I sure hope not...

"We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools."

~Martin Luther King, Jr.

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