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Is there truly such a thing as a white Rasta???
I read, a long time ago, that Rasta man was a higher man, now there are plenty of white people, that have never been near Jamaica, that try to speak with a Jamaican accent! Does that accent make you more Rasta???
I completely have raspect for the children of the most high, for it is written that 72 DIFFERENT nations bow before Jah glory. 72 times 2,000 is what?....144,000. 144,000 divided by 12 tribes of Isreal is what?...12,000. That shows there's 12,000 chosen from a whole heap of different races that call on the most high inna whole heap of different names. RASTAFARI is indeed a beautiful , beautiful name, but I think that name is for Black people. I believe that it's ridiculous for white people to Repatriate to Afrika simply because they aren't BLACK.
I strongly believe that white people should more concentrate on spreading the truth of Jah, than trying Marcus Garvey's word of Repatriation.

What do de I's think????`

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Re: WHITE "RASTA"!!!!!!
Re: WHITE "RASTA"!!!!!!
youth , what about InI idren jOEL who u know is in
Re: youth , what about InI idren jOEL who u know i
seventy-two comrades............
Re: seventy-two comrades............
Re: seventy-two comrades............
YOU "R" WRONG!!!!!!!
For Binghi Dawta
Re: For Binghi Dawta
throw away 'white'ness *NM*
Re: For Binghi Dawta
Youth ,you did yant wHITE BWOY A Follower,
Re: Youth ,you did yant wHITE BWOY A Follower,
Re: WHITE "RASTA"!!!!!!
Re: WHITE "RASTA"!!!!!!
Meaning of Rasta
remembering the kkk........
Re: remembering the kkk........
Re: remembering the kkk....and other white people
TRUE!!!!!!!!! *NM*
Re: Meaning of Rasta

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