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Respect for your thoughts,

Yes, Karl Marx thought religion was/is the pain numbing opiate for the masses but he's caught in Shaytans revolving door too. (I'd rather take the stairs if you know what I mean)I believe he was an athiest to the best of my knowledge. That is his business... but when capitolIZM people start to detract it seems their first step is to run full speed over to communIZM or socialIZM or the like.

So Marx saw the truth about religion but he was still a fool for not going beyond his manifesto when it was very well possible.

They just continue on 'killing the Spirit'

Most Marxists are these so-called 'revolutionary' professors and intellectuals. They never hit the heights, and they just sit in their offices with books to the cielings talken 'bout revolution...

'the revolution' 'the revolution' 'the revolution'

Well to them I say 'THE REVOLUTI0N' has been going on for a LONG time and now is the most crucial time we've been in. It's staring us right in the eyes and it's living and breathing in our hearts. It's moving as I type and will continue to move stronger and soon GREAT CHANGES will be taking place across the world.

I agree with you though.

Rastafari is eye-opening rather than pain-numbing. (and much more)

When it starts turning into a religion, etc... in my opinion, people are going to 'kill it'

but they'll never kill the Spirit.

More soon, just quickly adding, Jah Bless, Heather

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