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Re: labelling continued...

Respect & Love,

You had written:

'No one wants to be labeled, but sometimes a label like "Rasta" is something to be proud of and not thrown about lightly.'

I agree. The arrow split right through the center of the apple.

The Rasta 'label' is especially good at drawing in the YOUTH --- they may start out caught up in it for the wrong reasons, etc. (not all but many)but will most certainly grow and bring forth alot of good fruit.

Especially right here and now in this Grand Time.

It is something to be proud of if ones actions can match up to the 'label' -----

But so many dimensions so many dimensions to consider, and I've came to the conclusion as you at times, to not call or 'label' myself as Rasta.

I'm moving towards a soulution though: I'll just be me and see what people call me :)

But that's where I started - go figure. I didn't go looking for Rastafari, Rastafari came and got me. Rastafari is a movement but first Rastafari moves I&I.

When paradise on earth reigns fully, I feel strongly that it will not consist of only 'Rastafarians'

but Rastafari will have an immense role in bringing about this change.

Very immense. hILEY immense

Respect, enjoy and share your visions.

For every little action there's a re-action.

One Chance One Revolution One Soul, Heather

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Re: labelling continued...

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