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Re: Spirit Guide !
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Standing in the FIRE !
The Firey presence of God is a good thing !
Proverbs tells Us of being tried in the FIRE seven times !

In Nam when the enemy was over running our positions , We called down Fire on our own position , : chances / slim and none .

The Holy Spirit told Me in the beginning to call down FIRE on My own position !
When We are first born again , We have all fruits of Gal . 5 , flesh fruits and Spiritual friuts. The Spirit in an infant stage to combat the adult carnal mind and lusts of the flesh !

Exercise Ourselves to Godliness is the instruction. Renew the Mind Rom.12-1 this is a battle. The Spirit lusts against the flesh and the flesh lusts against the Spirit, for the control of the soul / mind .
In 2 Cor. 10-3-5 WE are instructed to pull down , cast down and take thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ ! These spiritual warfare tactics will set us free as We put off the old nature and put on the New / Christ.
@ Cor. 7-1 WE are instructed to cleans our selves of all filthiness of the flesh and the spirit ,,,, spirit here goes to strongholds in our mind . This really is a battle to control our thoughts and God gives Us the increase for obedience by delivering Us of these things .

Like taking a computor and deletinhg all files , one by one and putting in the new Christ information ! Notice I said Christ information , this comes from fellowshipping with Christ directly in a real relationship , not just a mental assent to Christ in a religeous way . Religeon is out and Relationship has always been the way . Enoch walked with God long before the way was made plain . Personal seeking will always pay off with a direct relationship with God.

The seven baptisms of FIRE brings Us to this pure state , this can only be done through relationship with Our Father in heaven.
Our Father IS a flame of FIRE !
To Me hell is the carnal minded view of the purifying FIRES of the Holy of Holies , Our Father's presence.

If We dig for information , the things that We hear of the Holy Spirit are in print all over that will confirm what We are hearing in the Spirit. Books about Smith Wigglesworth for example where Smith tells Us His story about relationship with God. Now old Smith used to lock His wife out of the house for going to church, Hmmmm???? When God yanked the slack out of Him , his story was God spoke to Him and He just followed the instructions . Smith would yank someone out of a coffin and stand them up and hit them in the belly and command them
To Life ! They came alive ,,,,documented stuff all over .
God often uses X- Asses to do His work through.

Our Father is getting ready to use the street people to do all sorts of mighty work through.
This is only accomplished through ,,,,
" relationship " step by step guidence of the Holy Spirit. So if You are really sick and tired of religeon ,,,,jump on God's band wagon ane He will bring You up to speed personally.

just me B S

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Re: Spirit Guide !

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