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Re: Fire Burn Wolves in Sheeps Clothing! BRIMSTONE

Pray for Me ! Call all that Fire down on Me and have God burn out anything that is not the TRUTH !
I don't know about King Rastafari .

Yahshua was what HIS Mother called HIM and not Jesus.

I know that a lot of whores have done a lot of things in HIS name that are of the devil !
Millions have been killed in Jesus' name all over the world.

If I did a lot of bad and gave Your name as the bad guy ???? It don't mean that You did any bad. Yahshua gets a bad rap the same way.
What the religous whores want is for people to turn away from God. The world religous system is all run by satan, the angel of light in the scripture / the god of this world .

In the old west USA , white men dressed as Indians killed people and blamed it on the Red man ! Hmmmmmmmmmm???? Sup wit daat ?

I used to cuss Jesus too . Said , anyone that will buy that Jesus crap will buy this piece of paper that says they own 5 acres in heaven ,for too much money ! Ha !

We are talking of the Creator of all things !
The term ,only begotten son, was used for Isiac also .

The real gig , is that We can have heaven on earth , Now ! All power of a Son of God , in heaven , on earth and under the earth , Now !
The only begotten Sons , are our examples .
We All are Sons of God and it's time for all to go to King school as taught by the Holy Spirit. Yahwho in the natural relm = Yahweh most vehement !
Our Father is gearing up the Joel 2 army as We speak ! Just seek God's advice for yourself !
You are My Brother whether You see it that way or not and I will terat You that way !
I will never get on someones butt for not agreeing with Me!
I was the biggest ass in town . Our Father is the only one that gives Us TRUTH and in HIS timing all in their own order.
The instruction books says for Us to come together in the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace , until We come together in the the unity of the faith , (all hear the same thing and see how everything fits into the big picture .)

just me B S

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Re: Fire Burn Wolves in Sheeps Clothing! BRIMSTONE
Re: Fire Burn Wolves in Sheeps Clothing! BRIMSTONE
Re: Fire Burn Wolves in Sheeps Clothing! BRIMSTONE
Re: Fire Burn Wolves in Sheeps Clothing! BRIMSTONE
Re: Fire Burn Wolves in Sheeps Clothing! BRIMSTONE
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