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Re: Sabbath Day, Question of the Day!

JAH Rastafari, I love you.

I agree. Live a lawful life on Earth, but what if you bear people iniquities and burdens who are around you, while you are here on Earth? That is sometimes me, I break the law, because sometimes I slip, and fall, because of being around close people, neighbors, people who you love, just by myself InI commit iniquity, and I hate it, I hate living in America, I hate what the King of Babylon is doing, but I love living the law, and I love the Lord JAH RASTAFARI, but everybody in INI city HATE RASTAFARI! THESE PEOPLE KNOW RASTAFARI IN HIGH AND LOW PLACES, BUT HATE INI, HATE INI QUEEN, AND HATE RASTAFARI!

InI is meek, and proud to be meek, but I do have to do works, because InI queen is pregnant, and time is ticking, I need works, for INI angel, Heaven, and I still dont have works, so InI sit in the congregation, with brethren, and try and reason, and InI pray daily for JAH blessings, but everyday, InI still feel down about life, because its HELL on EARTH, IN BABYLON, but its good, and wise, to live life like you dont know the minute nor the hour, and to live life lawful.

JAH BLESS YOU for the advise and love. Either Love or Hate, God or the Devil, Never fear the Devil, But Fear The LORD, you know.


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Sabbath Day, Question of the Day!
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Re: Sabbath Day, Question of the Day!

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