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Economic Agenda?
In Response To: What about The Economic Agenda ()

Greetings Fyah,
Give thanks

Beside the obvious importance of the article the I post, and the reminder of the situations of bredren and sistren in Congo and Sudan... me see the most obviousness of the situation here pon this message board that Ones nah going to tread here for reasoning on these vital circumstances, but rather gonna waste...Yes I's... me say waste... time and energy in reasonings about stagnant issues that have been argued and bickered about for ages with no forward movement a going on!

With questions such as:
Do Rastas wish for indebtedness to capitalist system to "equalize" IanI in the US economy?
Is Alan Greenspan's admitance that "discrimination be alive and well" some great revelation that IanI should be ever so grateful for, or is there some more "hidden" agenda there in his systems desire to enslave IanI still further with debt in an economic system that is falling on hard times?
How will US economy, assets and wealth contribute to the circumstances of dispair and distruction in Africa? or in caribean?
If IanI 'African-American' going to get loan from Greenspan, him going to make sure me get a job that going to pay more than minimum wage, so me can pay off that loan? Or me going to just find meself in more despair when the corporation me workin for go bankrupt, him ceo buddies take off with all of the money, and leave me and me working-class minimum wage earners with big debt and NO JOB, NO RETIREMENT, NO HEALTH INSURANCE, etc!

These be some a the questions that need be asked and reasoned on by IanI. Where is it that IanI want to go? Become part of this 'system' of debt, or do IanI see another way?

Give thanks I-dren. Seen. Life a precious thing and IanI no have no idle time for f***ry.
ONE LOVE a serious thing!

IanI Rastafari
Guidance and Protection

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