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Re: Economic Agenda?
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In these times, InI see nuff talk about money. InI say, as brothers in captivity, we seek first the kingdom of God, and then when we are "equal in spirit" or conciousness, trodding the same road towards Holy Mount Zion, whether it be TO Ethiopia or to Heaven, we work on the same road, giving tithes and offerings and doing the Lords will, we can come together and start our own business, under the name of the Lord, and raise Our Rasta Man Banners that the Lord has given, or will give to us, as long as we fear the Lord, and do the Lords will, and trample Satan and Death under foot.

I used to slave, or work, at Kinkos last year, when I had locks, the only job I could find in 1 year, and I quit, because dem demons or something, didnt like to hear the truth, so I quit to seek the kingdom of God, and speak on it, and I dont have a job, because it hasnt been the Lords will, but something will soon come.

I am trying to get my brothers and sisters, Gentiles, who living down, as Black Man and Black Woman, Africans, they worrying about money, and dont care about themselves. Pretty clothes and faces, but are fornicators, and liars, and thieves, alot of Our Family out there, that need help, but Satan got them down.

If we Organize under the Lord, we will get all we NEED! The Lord will bless us with land, if we pray! UNITE AFRICA! UNITE!

You Believe in Christ? Get Humble and Love!

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