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Re: Time Keepa

Familiar wid de term Apirl fools day? Well dats de day de calandar waz changed from de orginal time keeping to de new roman calander.

Apirl or Abib is de first 28 day cycle of de moon, just like de sun kept time and seasons so did de moon, dis is how Israel read de months 28 days equals 1 month.

For instance in de scripture, it describes dat in de first day of de first month of de first year, Noah came across dry land...Gen.8:13 and then goes further to seh, in de second month of de 27th day was de earth dried...Gen.8:14 Bear wid mi, now if we go back to vs4 and vs5 there r more dates...

Now remember these dates r Hebrew dates, so there are certain factors which have to be taken into consideration before coming to de conclusion on de dates today, TTI stands by dis ancient time keepa.


Abib or Nisan=April, Ziv or Iyyar=May, Sivan=June, Thammuz=July, Ab=August, Elul=September, Ethanim=October, Marchesvan=November, Chisleu=December, Tebeth=January, Shebat=February, Adar=March.


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