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Re: It's all about HIS MAJESTY and JESUS CHRIST!!!
In Response To: It's all about HIS MAJESTY !!! ()

Confuse? Let me seh dat I an I In TTI, know who His Majesty is an speaking for myself an not for the all members of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, I no he is not God but King of Israel only. He said it an why should I man mek him into Jesus Christ? An furthermore, there are RasTas who sight Selassie I as Prophet of God or an Ikon of Christ. So there are RasTas still who do not praise His Majesty but hail him as King. Just like you have some Christians who do not see Jesus as God but as Son of God. Can I judge them because of their views? Should you judge ones because dem don't see your view of His Majesty?

No only Jah is Judge Iyah! Suh I man ah RasTa an they will always want to question TTI alot meh son.lol. Oh well we still have de answers to their questions. Like bruddah Joseph sang," Though they try to find the answers to all the questions they ask. Yes I know its impossible to be living through the past." Suh dem call us dis an dat in TTI, but we love it still! Twelve Tribes Live Up! Christ Jesus is Love!

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