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Lib*I*ration,RASpect,Justice,Truth,Peace n' Harmony or Separation,Bigotry,Politricks,Theocracy,ect.. dey cum wit dem bible innah hand,dey cum as sheep innah wolve shadow.dey wannah test de one blood InI all carr*I*.dey kan keep on & on.tri 2nock dah spirit of +U*N*I*T*Y+,jus as ive seen all ovah babylon & dis board alone.But dem fail time & time again because JAH has 2many loyal solJAH's 2b shakin by yet anothah burden theory dat has no reason b+sides fear or an idenity crisis.yeh kno sumting innah nature of animosity or such.nah guilty concious seen.dem hav no civility seen.battle dem confrontation wit luv its de only answer JAH has 4humanity.i dont feel preaching is a mus or even necessary @ all times but dis board keeps on gettin clot up wit dis issue ovevah & ovevah again.mor +U*N*I*T*Y+ >1LUV*+*+*+*+*+*+*+

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