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Re: +U*N*I*T*Y+
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Babylon give them a ride fi dem momey get them funny; and then brainwash dem pon dem western journey.InI Faddah's House will not be built or led with this Slavery Western Mind Set of Captivity. A lot of one and ones need to go and unlearn the Babylonian Pagan Heart foolishness and in the process take the chain off dem brain.A lot of the I dem a reason without any fundemental overstanding of InI of the Eastern Mind. The Western Mind cannot overpower the Eastern Mind because the West is a child of the East.Take for instance; where nuff ones use the word "believe".

InI come from a tradition Where to believe is to doubt. So man and man doan't believe anything. Western Knowledge can make a one puffed up and arrogant; but the higher the monkey climb a di more im expose im tail.InI who ivar the prophetic
tradition question everything even the Father himself and Solomon too. If yu doan't question a ting, how do yu know if it is genuine or not?
Daddy must be questioned to know the fullness of his works and how the younger ones coming forward can improve on such.

Ones and ones have to get out of the goose stepping authoritarianism of yu Romen Colonial teachment. It is not good to read things and parrot or regurgitate it like a cow chewing on its cod.Proper logic,research and analysis with on going updates, must be part of the process.Being educated means that a one is empowered to act in ones own and best self interest and not be a tool of others.Probably what we are experiencing is when it was written that the Dead shall awake.They awake with the knowledge of Deadahs so we hav fi show dem live Knowledge in order fi set the Captives Free.The more Knowledge a one has is the more to be humble, because a one has the power to build or destroy.The slavery experience has left a lot of us with a labotomy; where we cannot think out of certain given parameters because we will be penalized and denied food,clothes and shelter. So these nincompoops are still subconsciously living to please Massah and garner his acceptance.

SS JESUS of LUBECK is a slave ship. The slaves were told; "work till JESUS come".So dem still a look fi Jesass. Or could be the portrait of Michaelangelo Batty boy nephew?

I give thanks for your iwah.

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Re: +U*N*I*T*Y+

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