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Re: Reincarnation is it real?
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As a novice of Rastafari; belonging to a club where most of the ones were captives before joining and belonged to the Romen Catholic teachings or that of other missionary schools; the Twelve Tribes and Judass is quite an appropriate alternative to be maninipulated into becoming.An appropriate Rasta Myth acceptable to the middle class children of a demented neocolonial society.Because, they did'nt want to deal with African Liberation.So your little club was a compromise to the reactionary society who wanted to round up InI; put us in the national stadium and do a permanent extermination number on InI.Green Bay was only a trial baloon or stage one.Anyhow, you are free to have your club with its western romen structure and little semiliterate profit who can't bring a thought to a logical conclusion.

The concept of reincarnation as you know about some holy duppy is not what InI know about said subject; knowing that Rastafari shall never die is the truth in itself on the matter.Going even further; the life force is the same from parents to children;hence the concept of "InI";the collective consciousness and the term "Fleshy" showing incarnation in another body.It is a very aencient tradition that those of InI able to practice a higher mentality educate and train our offsprings from in the mother's womb and even before conception; this way having life itinually. So InI are here to continue the Rastafari Dynasty.Even when one claim HIM as the second coming of the son of man; which was based on the story of Issa Panthera or panther;given his color; as King it could only fit HIM due to HIM lineage and Bloodrut.And logically a reincarnation fulfilled.So a beg yu doan't talk outa two side a yu mouth or deal wid no kinda lobsided tinking.

Jah is also considered to be the seventy second appearance as a sacred or divine one on earth;HIM is also considered Grand Lord and Master of the Secret Temples and did not the Profit of islam spoke of the messiah and so do a lot of western Jews. We can logically conclude that four point five billion people of Aethiopic ancestry and culture throughout the world see HIM as the one that was foretold in their folflore,tradition,culture,philosophy and religion.Hence, the word and concept of reincarnation fits.In InI tradition; there is the HOLA PIBY and remember bring back MAKABEE VERSION or Makaba; we even have a fish of that name. The idrines at the time; drew anology between the Greek cultural imperialism in aencient Israel and what the Brutons were doing in Yaard back in the Fifties. This was the same spirit in the Saducees or Poor Peoples Party that it seemed Panthera was associated.And these were the people who stood at the Place called Masadah.

Last but not least; there is Osiris or Auset in RASTA; where the soul goes through the fire of purification and if not burnt is regenerated with life ivarlasting.So after Reincarnation there is the incarnation; life ivarlasting. IVAR? Much Love to all the SUFERAHS for they shall be called the children of RASTAFARI in a the Redemption of InI Father.

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Re: Reincarnation is it real?
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