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Reincarnation is it real?

Greetins one an all in our Lord an Saviour Jesus Christ all de time! De reincarnation topic is a serious topic. For if we are indeed reincarnated souls, then why does de Ible seh, that de dead does not praise God only de Living. An why did Jesus seh, God is not the God of the dead but the Living. All mi no dat ah hinduism an buddhism doctrine of reincarnation an even Rasta now have taken up this doctrine. For even in Ethiopia as they do not believe in reincarnation.

Now I man have but mi nah deal wit it anymore. For when yuh in de deep sleep there is no coming back until Jah raises you at the Last Day, the Resurrection of the Dead which is soon! Bottomline is when yuh dead yuh dead! Yuh spirit goes to Jah or satan not into no one else body. For even when ones saw de Spirit of God in Selassie I, dem seh he is the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ. An His Majesty seh no, he is just a servant of Jesus Christ. Bill McNeil interviewed his majesty an he seh he nuh Jesus. Suh wha him stay humble an nah seh dat him Christ now? Suh reincarnation mi nah deal wit for when mi trod on in de spirit, mi going to Jah an no one else.

I nah want no Spirit in me but de Spirit of Jah. For even in African traditions an South American, dem deal wit spirit possessions. Mi only want Jah Spirit in I man an no adda! De Comforter is here an only Him I want! Mi nah believe no more that someone else's spirit cyan be seen in a animal or another human being. Only Jah Spirit. Das why I an I must raspect others religions as even His Majesty showed us but not to believe what they say.

Buddha, Confucious, nor even Emperor Selassie I cyant save I but JESUS CHRIST. Das wha mi tell mi poopa an mooma an dem love to hear what mi seh! God is blessin mi all de time! Suh Jesus Christ came in the First Advent an will come Again in the Second Advent not in no New, Differnent or Reincarnated Body but the SAME IMMORTAL LORD MESSIAH! Same GOD an KING for I man! Not being born again as a child but coming in the Full Glory of Jah! He was born already an nah need to be born again. Suh one love still to others for their views but I man nah deal wit reincarnation no more! For Gadman show us between Our Lord an His Majesty, Same SPIRIT but differen Flesh. Long live the Prophet Gad! Suh Jah Love still! Christ is the Same Yesterday, Today an Foriva!

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Reincarnation is it real?
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