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In a message dated 1/4/2002 1:08:59 PM Eastern Standard Time, leondejudah@yahoo.es writes:

Greetings blessed brother. Hope the I is fine and enjoying with health and peace. Blessings.
Here still doing works and keeping the very good spirit of comunication. The sister Lois and I have been communicating trying to know and fulfill the real vibes of unity.
May the Most High guide the I and give constant strength to continue doing the works.
Blessed Love brother, Guidance and Protection, Glory.
Peace and Love

Sister Lily Mihirete Amlak


TENA YISTILIGN! Yes, heartical greetings to all! INI HAIL THE I SIS. LILY & SIS. LOIS! All is well on this front, JANHOI YIMMESGEN - HIS MAJESTY BE PRAISED! INI is preparing for LIDET = ETHIOPIAN "CHRISTMAS" called GENA in Ethiopia. In fact, ini am inviting all who are in the NY AREA to spend the Eve of the Ethiopian Christmas/GENA (Jan 7th) with ini as we plan to attend an ALL ETHIOPIAN CHRISTMAS on JANUARY 7-9th. The 9th of JANUARY is I man Ras Iadonis' EArthday. So ini would really like to have ones and ones visit ini in BK that day as ini begin another cycle as INDERASE = LOJ_ETHIO-RASTA REPRESENTATIVE & AMBASSADOR to the Nations!! THEREFORE INI AM SENDING THIS MESSAGE OF OPEN HOUSE VISITS TO THOSE IN THE NY AREA!

Actually APRIL/MAY is LOJ ANNUAL START MONTH where ini begin ini cycle of GOVERNMENTAL as well as ECCLESIASTICAL/CHURCHICAL WORKS and LABOUR OF JANHOI LOVE: RASTAFARI! I man am giving the I and all who will receive it this info as it is very important in forming ini "official" protocols and procedures for the HOUSE of RASTAFARI and various mansions which have come into the LOJ_COLLECTIVE and are aligned with the RASTAFARI MOVEMANT of the LOJ. This is the reason why loj_uk@yahoogroups.com and loj_usa@yahoogroups.com have been established. Both LOJ_UK and LOJ_USA are NEWS & UPDATE LOJ Yahoo! groups for serious minded and PROGRESSIVE RASTAS and pro-Rasta supporters. ALL WHO WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND BUILD UPON A SOLID ETHIO-RASTA FOUNDATION are asked to JOIN EITHER LOJ_UK (send a blank e-mail to: loj_uk-subscribe@yahoogroups.com) or LOJ_USA (send a blank e-mail to: loj_usa-subscribe@yahoogroups.com) in order to receive DIRECT LOJ NEWS & INFO! Our general posting and news group is at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LIONOFJUDA and one may subscribe by sending a blank e-mail to: LIONOFJUDA-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

THE ABOVE INFO SHOULD BE SAVED/REPOSTED and e-mailed to interested people and kept on file by all serious and progressive minded members and ministers of the LOJ_Collective.

SIS. LILY, it is indeed a pleasure to hear from the i. Mail has been slight from ini over the past few weeks as ini have been working behind the scenes to establish more order and to update various interested members and ministers such as the i-self and Sis. Lois. Yet, during the past couple of weeks i have updated our LOJ groups and been seeking to streamline the various areas of ini Rasta governmant in order to be most effective. Therefore the above info related to the LOJ_UK and LOJ_USA Yahoo! groups is necessary to be known and used by all of ini so that as a group ini may be most effective. Sis. Lily, i wanted to ask the i about the possibility of establishing a LOJ_cuba group or one that may reach out to the Spanish speaking Rastas in Cuba, S. America, UK and globally. Perhaps the I knows of ones who would be interested in joining and building this effort which will act as a further bridge amongst the communities. If this is a good idea that the i feels we are able to work on, please gather e-mail addresses of interested parties so that we may be able to add them directly to the list. By the way, have you and the sis been using the http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LOJ_UK site? I have posted a copy of this mail to that site AS AN EXAMPLE of how these various LOJ_groups may and should be utilized by ini.

Even members/ministers who are working on SPECIALIZED PROJECTS and special programs are encouraged to become more familar with sites such as YAHOO! and other free sites such as GEOCITIES.COM in the setting up of LOJ related accounts for specialized areas of activity and interests. CURRENTLY and since 1997 AD three special young Ethiopian American girls have been raising funds and awareness for the LOJ_SHASHEMANI WATER PUMPS PROJECT! This project has been in progress since that time YET general awareness in RASTA communities and amongst ones outside of the immediate LOJ family and the House of Iadonis have known little or nothing about this project. Yet, these young ladies *(who are my Ethiopian relatives as well) have raised several hundred dollars so far for the LOJ_SHASHEMANI PROJECT.

Now we would like for the LOJ_FAMILY of RASTAFARI to focus on VITAL AREAS such as:
ESTABLISHING ETHIO-RASTA LOJ $$$ (via. music, fashion & art;-)
LOJ_REGIONAL & LOCAL HQs (LOJ mini cooperatives)
LOJ_TRAVEL & TOURS (i.e. events sponsored by membership)
SHASHEMANI WATER PUMPS PROJECT (Int'l Rasta Children's Project)
ANTI-SLAVERY & TRAFFICKING (re: slavery in Ethiopia/Sudan)

The last of the VITAL AREAS is the LOJ_PRIMARY AGENDA. The ETHIOPIAN RENAISSANCE was first announced by I in October 1993 AD as the "King's Sabbath" and the "Sabbath b4 the King's Sabbath". Originally based upon the unique numerology of the Western and Eastern calenders, the calculations are based to coincide with ETHIO-CENTRIC and HELIO-CENTRIC Ethiopic Enochian computations. I will seek to explain so that the "X" (unknown) will be made "plane" or 'plain' ;-)!!!

UNIQUE ULTRA-TERRESTIAL CALCULATIONS of the KING'S SABBATH/SENBETE NIGUS are based upon the ETHIOPIC vs. the Western calculations! This means that the High Scientists of Zion known as Arch-Angelic principles and properties have created a HOLY CROSS to expidite the ETHIOPIAN REDEMPTION and the subsequent redemption of HUMANITY in general. These forces and holy/sacred principles are been formed from before the "creation of the world." When the Bible speaks of the "end of the world" teaching this is in relation to the JUNCTION of TIME and SPACE to create the desired NOUMEN and PHENONENOUN or CAUSE and EFFECT known as KARMA. These teachings and "concepts" are contained within ETHIOPIC TEWAHIDO or "Orthodox" teaching, the inheritance of the RASTAFARI PRIESTHOOD of the LOJ. This inheritance means that RASTAFARI represents the NEW or rather RE-NEWED PRIESTHOOD of ETHIOPIA, ancient TOBIYA. We are still a very young movemant, yet RE-BIRTH is necessary and vital in order to reach the infant and baby souls. These teachings are also called MIKAEL or MICHAEL and involve GNOSTIC and ETHIOPIC MYSTICAL speculations and actualizations.

IN MAY 2000 on the 5th day, a day VERY SIGNIFICANT to ETHIOPIA and RASTAFARI there was a SYZYGY or SOLAR-GALACTIC-EARTH alignment that formed the mystical "HOLY CROSS". This "holy cross" is known as QIDUS MESQEL or the SCARED X. This sacred "X" is both a known/unknown equation that require HUMANITY's conscious efforts to mediate and operate. Ignorant humanity doesn't understand or overstand these teachings because they are NOT "metaphysical" or biblically "spiritual". SPIRIT means BREATH as in ESPIRITUS and is call PNEUMA. These are simple principle/algorythms. They must be LEARNED and INTERNALIZED and from there ACTIVATED in all of us. THEREFORE, the ETHIOPIAN RENAISSANCE....

The ETHIOPIAN RENAISSANCE is an inspiration since the very beginning of the LOJ in the late 80s. The early 80s witness the "flying away home" of BOB MARLEY aka BERHANE SELLASSIE and represented a sort of KOSMIC ERA. Bob Marley is a significant character in the BLACK REDEMPTION, i.e. ETHIOPIANISM of the RASTAFARI. However, the symbol and meaning of "Nesta" has been co-opted by the very same establishment that Berhane Sellassie came to expose and downstroy. How ironic! How sad! Yet, all is not lost. All we have to do is BUILD and BUILD ANEW! When one really gets to check out and read about Bob Marley active involvement in ETHIO-RASTA one wonders where this "Jamaica-ism" has come from??! Therefore one angel returned and another one was growing in the shadows...

THE SYZYGY of 5th May 2000 established the "astral" template for the labours to come. The only requirement for the Rastafari community is to come togather and to recognize the divine harmony and order at work in the rise of the LOJ_MISSION INC. and the works of I, RAS IADONIS. The King's Sabbath also aligns with the forementioned syzygy and adds the mandate for the RE-BIRTH of the ETHIOPIAN NATION and from hence, the AFRICAN CONTINENT. This Re-Birth is now in it's 13th year! WE HAVE 13 YEARS, YET ONLY 6 LEFT IN THE WEST!!!

THE 14 YEARS, the clash of the 2 sevens - represents the 1. SABBATH (2001-2007) and 2. KING'S SABBATH (2007-2014). The SYZYGY of the 5th of May 2000 has created an astral template for the REDEMPTION OF THE EARTH to come! We are now in the official start of the 13 years since SEPTEMBER 11, 2001. Even though this date represents a seeming tragedy for New York City (Babylon) and the United States of America (Spiritual Egypt), it represents THE ETHIOPIAN REDEMPTION for all those whose names are written in the Book of Life of the Lamb, H.I.M. THE FIRST HAILE SELLASSIE - "Jah Ras Tafari".

SABBATH - 2001 to 2007 - represents the preparation, SOWING of the WORD/JANHOI's Teaching and the BOOK OF THE SEVEN SEALS OPENING!

KING'S SABBATH - 2007 to 2014 - represents the actualization, the Harvest, REAPING of the WORD/JANHOI's Teachings and the BOOK OF THE SEVEN SEALS AGAIN "UN-LOOSEN"...

Both TIME and SPACE are in the "balance" now and are DIRECTLY EFFECTED/AFFECTED by our actions or inaction as a "collective" genepool. The SOLAR - SUN - SEHAY represents the AGE - BAPTISM BY FIRE which we have entered no longer a "lunar" age. There is a "change of the guard" going on also in which the OWNERSHIP of the EArth is in question and must be answered by the Children of the Light: RASTAFARI. Our answer to this and the 'ultimate challenge' is by initiation a GLOBAL ETHIOPIAN RENAISSANCE - ETHIOPIC RE-BIRTH in which there is a return to the FOUNDATION. This primarily means EDUCATION and RE-EDUCATION, TEACHING and TRAINING, BEING BORN AGAIN....

SO, the first part of the LOJ_13 YEAR AGENDA is in full effect! What is required of us?? Initally to become more educated, studied and trained in the various DISCIPLINES of the LOJ. These DISCIPLINES include: AMHARIC, H.I.M. BIBLE LITERACY, ETHIOPIC PSALM CHANTING, AMHARASTA BINGHI etc. The above is only a partial example of discipline areas that are vital to our mind, soul and spirit as a people and as individuals. It is not possible here to disclose each level that must be learned yet all courses and outlines for classes/workshops will be provided as necessary by LOJ. We have an AMHARIC 101 SYLLABUS and course outline and much of the info to come will be posted on the internet and certain online info will be only accessible to ministers with valid passwords. The need and urgency for EDUCATION and KNOWLEDGE QUEST is vital and past mentioning. LOJ has therefore drafted proposals for our GLOBAL UNIVERSITY and INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE programs and projects. The first half of the 13 YEARS, from 2001-2007 must be given to becoming aquainted with the JANHOI'S TEACHING through the LOJ via H.I.M. BIBLE, the Book of the Seven Seals. We are currently beginning the first of the 13 years, since SEPTEMBER 11, 2001. In ETHIOPIC TIME we are in the year 1994 EC. Stay tuned and in tone! More to come.

To be continued....

Selamina Fiqir
Peace and Love,
LOJ_Mission Incorporated

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