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Re: Have you ever ?
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...again this time I say to you
"walk through di gehttos outadoor
an see who is unsafe from secure
the lifestyle of the people you have to recognize
do give them, what they need to survive"

Sizzla mek dat song fi di guvernment. because how can you govern a nation when you don't know or consider the nation, in order to be a governemt "of" a nation. in this case its the nation is the people of the Gehtto. They don't come to see how and why the youth have to stick up people. but the only see the youth when they stick up someone an then is looked upon as a criminal, downfall of society. and this increases the neglect/segregation of a person(minister) to another person(gehtto yout)

it is written that Jesus go chill and reason with the drunkards, adulteres, deseased etc. then the Pharisees and Scribes said that this man is a sinner because he sits and mingles with sinners. But how can it be known that Jesus died for your sins if Him do not consider you or talk to you or talk to sinners etc in order to represent you rightfully before JAH. Also how can you talk to someone without knowing their language. How can you help someone without knowing their needs.
I percieve that people do not realy realize what people need and want, which is the reason why people wont even listen to them or always disagree with them.

eg. you go to someone and tell them "u need Jah ina u life" that person might seh "a weh ua talk bout...me have mi house, car, woman, money, and mi gun". To him your talking pure bull-sh. and the violence still goes on, and true love/livity is prolonged again.

its like you who a talk bout Nas. When mi get up inadi morning mi belly a growl so me waan something fi nyam...Nas or no Nas that hungriness have to be taken away. if mi nuh get it, judgement or no judgement mi ago seek it. if someone happens to die when i'm seeking, it was either him or me starving for what i need.

no body nah talk bout di cripple, di blind, physical diformed living with neglect from society, low self esteem etc. dem nah talk bout it too tough. so ini a mek dem know seh the poor will not always be forgetten.

the the term 'wicked' is a word used to represent what people cannot explain. a paraphasing of what it realy means which is in itself not 'evil'. jus like a politician look pon a Rasta youth without knowing ini livity, and disrespect Rasta. If dem BOMBO CLAWT know('walk a di gehttos') then them couldn't disrespect but embrace...who...
Almighty create good not wicked.

if u still don't understand, hail me up.

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