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Have you ever ?

"Have you ever walk adi gehttos dem before,
to see who is unsafe from secure,
the life style of the people u fail to recognize
DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT TAKES, fi di youth dm survive"
let it be known ini nah put down nobody because ive been there already, so mi bun downpression.

i've said this already, cool out, an now a gonna seh it again. DEAL WID DI ISSUES.

if all a person a talk bout is "so and so is the King of Kings, that will rule the earth so if you don't comply you will recieve Judgement". you nah reach no where wid dat; speaking to the currupted leaders of the earth and desperate people who are in need. look ina di bible when prophets talk like that, the only thing that come out of dat is BLOOD SHED...'the good and bad die'

Now this ONE come and seh lookya, ini a shed fimi blood, so now di peoples blood nuh hafi shed to make equal rights reign. Now you can jus speak di words and this is sufficent.

but how can u speak Jah words if u don't understand it. people a talk/repeat phrase and parable, an it nah do nothing, realisticly speakin. Look around there is still blood shed. moretime it takes a man getting shot/bloodshed for that same person fi change him ways. Almighty a seh fi Him blood shed already, therefore fi Him word is like a literal gunshot that can change someone to good.

I neva get nuh gunshot but ini witness alot of tings. betrayals, bakbitaz, jealusy, nuff tings. in all different people...in the ones who seh dem a Rasta, or Christian, or Muslim etc. deep down in the meditation i realize without any doubt that people don't care about 'God', things, or other people, but jus care about their own well-being. or else why would someone who have faith in God cry when someone passes away. if u truly believe or know God as the creater and giver of life/love u would NEVER CRY.

and from u don't cry u naago blame Bin Laden fi dis or dat. suppose it was a big BOMBO CLAWT EARTHQUAKE SHOOK up New York, wah dem woulda do. Would they realy say "in God we trust".... Nuff 'Arms House' a gwaan ,an ini a see true dem an mi self, ana bun up blasphemacy, evryday, my lord.

u see me, ini is a youth weh use to seek nuff knowledge, and know nuff tings, like the origin of dis and dat about the credibility of this and that...Trus me, none of those ago help u when a man a hold u at gun point.

Evry belief is the same but feel, look, etc different. eg. Buhdism actually come from the Melchezidek teachings. a people called the Melchezideks left Jerusalem after Melchezidek left them at the age of 94, because the people started to look at Melchizedek as God. they went to Aisa, Asia Minor and try to spread the wisdom left by their teacher. The teachings mixed with the culture of Aisa, gave u Hinduism, Budism(briefly put). this is even an explanation as to why they say Jesus teachings is similar to Hindu and Budah.
(if anyone what that transcript, hail me up)

that being one example out of many. so right now Jah people, we have to understand what the words mean. not evaluating the credibility of the words but understand them. I know that a fear might creep an seh "suppose its all actually a lie, u go understand for nothing, and then the Real God will punish u". Now this is where the sentient part of your mind kick in...Love. think from it look from it, and it will erase the doubt.

mek mi tell u sup'm, u see a real huslta, or gansta or money meka. u see him, him nah deal wid anything if it nah profit. if him know that it ago profit him den him ago get involve in it. now chek pon di Almighty, who posses all knowledge. u think Jah ago deal wid we if Him know seh we cyan mek it or profit JAH...bombo cla--...doubt jus catch a fya!!!u see't...O.K

name is something that is used to indentify something that has similiraties with another thing. NOW tell ME who is LIKE UNTO JAAAAAAH. Therefore JAH need not a name to be called by, for this initself is the NAME, worshiping JAH in spirit.

right now ini don't read the bible. but a never forget what my mama seh "read and memorize the psalms dem, because when its time, dem ago take away our bibles and burn them, and what would we have left for strength" meaning to make the truth something that no one can take away from you. and in her own simple words what she was actually saying was this "...if you drink of my well you will never thirst again. But it will become a fountain of water in you."(quoting the bible). I don't even think she realize that. but you see my point.

reason bout di issues like ini bredren ina captive an those/Rasta weh dem kill a Africa deh an ting. Aply the sound power and shed light and mek the word of JAH much more effective to the point of not even repeating a phrase or name from the bible, confessing to all that the Lord is spiritual.

But mi nuh care if dem disagree ca wah:

"I'm taken over,
and I've got nothing to fear,
I'm taken over
Righteuosness me declare,
I'm taken over,
and av got no time to spair"


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