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Re: Who thinks HIM is "dead"?
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Ites Bredrin!

I have a little problem wit the way the question is put. I would like to elaborate, but not after I say that I very much dislike how HIM's leaving the visible spectrum is being used in a very disrespectful ways to "show that HIM could not be Yesus Returned".
And this in itself for I is one reason to be reluctant to answer this question. I do not want to be put in that group, and the question seems to create only two possible answers, if the I knows what I mean.
Another problem I have with it, that Haile Selassie being a Kristian, like I am also a Kristian, should not be considered dead also not after he leave the body to be with Jah.
The question does not seem to indicate awareness of these things. I do not say that the I is not aware of this but I would like to state it before I answer the question. I am sorry for the many words, I always need m,any words to express myself, also english is not my native language so I apologize for the amount of words.

Has His spirit left his body? I don't know. I agree with Ras Simeon that we should wait for a DNA test before we can say for sure. If he is not in his physical body anymore, I believe that this will happen in the future.

In essence, I think, the question is closely related to how we see His Majesty. Being a Jesus Dread, I belong to that group within Rastafari, that do not believe that HIM is a part of the Divine Trinity. This group within the movement is growing, giving for example the fact that also the Prophet Gad is saying this thing, and it was also a crucial part of the Teachings of His Majesty, as I perceive it, also in the context of an enlightning article published in Dub Missive, containing an interview with Abuna Yesehaq, who was sent by His Majesty after HIM's visit to Jamaica to teach this.

For I, this is part of following Rastafari. A lot of my Itations that I've published are about that subject.

Don't get I wrong, I would never bring down Haile Selassie, Ras Tafari! I have big respect for His Majesty, as an Ikon of Christ in His Kingly Character. His Majesty, head of the first Kristian Nation on Earth. His Majesty put great effort in education and made a Bible Translation in Amharic so that each one could read a Chapter a Day.

One Love I's,

Messian Dread

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Who thinks HIM is "dead"?
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Re: Who thinks HIM is "dead"?
Re: Who thinks HIM is "dead"?
Re: Who thinks HIM is "dead"?
Re: Who thinks HIM is "dead"?
Re: Who thinks HIM is "dead"?
Hayl Selasse I naw (is) Yazalalam(Eternal) *NM*

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