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Re:THoughts on the future of the crown?

Yes breddah give thanks for your reasonins ya! I man seh dat it is true that our Lord said that the Kingdom of Jah is in us. Spiritual indeed! But an I say but the New Jahrusalem cannot be Ethiopia! It represents it but the New Jahrusalem will be Iverlasting! There will be no diseases, crimes, deaths nutin like what we see here. An if Ethiopia is then why is this showing? If Haile Sellassie I is Jesus Christ in the Second Advent then why are we seeing this?

De Ible shows us already that when Christ comes again that none of this will be seen! Haile Sellassie is not Jesus Christ our Lord in the Second Advent an neither is Ethiopia the New Jahrusalem. That I cyan accept because de very scrips show us a difference! See ones forget what de scrips seh an yuh cyant do dat! Yuh cyant mek up something that does not pertain to the scrips. For in the Constitution, His Majesty made Asfa Wossen de next Emperor an he did become dat an now Zera Yacob is next in the line of succession! So be it, Selassie I is not the last King on the face of this earth.

It will be Jesus Christ the KING of all Kings an LORD of all Lords! Dat is what I man sight an dat is what de scrips show I! A good book is de Scofield Reference Ible! It has de footnotes an everyting man! I don't mean to offend ones with what I seh but I follow what de Ible seh an dat is Jesus Christ shall come again as He went up to Heaven so be it! An mi sight dat He will bring New Jahrusalem to us! Christ will come again in the Second Advent not a third one. Dat mi no in 12 tribes! Jah Lives!

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THoughts on the future of the crown?
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Re: THoughts on the future of the crown?
Re:THoughts on the future of the crown?
Re:THoughts on the future of the crown?
give thanks for blessed conversation Iyas! *NM*

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