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Re: THoughts on the future of the crown?

Dear brother I think Zion here and Zion now.

This is the heart of Rasta to I: that InI troddin through Creation in an Irie meditation cause Rasta know and live the truth, that the battle is over and JAH victory is won.
I do not look forward to the next in the Davidic line cause none has been promised to I. All promises already delivered to earth in the person of HIS MAJESTY.
I think this is so much of the problem in the world because ones wait for somethin in the future and let now go all to hell.
In Gospel of Thomas Jesus says: "The Kingdom of My Father is spread across the face of the earth, but men do not see it."
For a long time from childhood I always felt like I was waitin for something until Jah make me see that all that waiting was the problem! Faith is a 100% thing: JAH is not small in any way.
To I, Rasta here to reveal Zion. Where did Jesus say "The Kingdom of My Father will not come through expectation."? Open heart and mind and wholeheartedly step right in.
After years of seeking I realize I was always lingerin in front of the door when all I had to do was step in. These days InI choosin to step in to the Love InI was conceived in and born in and have always dwelt in but chose not to see. InI free will is to choose ZION at all times. Sorry how I go on.
I am willing to receive instruction in all matters.
Blessed Rasta Love

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give thanks for blessed conversation Iyas! *NM*

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