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Don't celebrate too soon- judge Yohn's decision doesn't take away the death sentence per se, it only orders a new sentencing hearing within 180 days. If this hearing happens, you can be sure prosecutors will try to push for the death sentence again. Even if the death sentence is totally withdrawn, it still leaves Mumia in prison for life... f*** that! Judge Yohn refused to hold an EVIDENTIARY hearing, which would allow all the evidence of Mumia's innocence onto the court records, most importantly mob hit-man Arnold Beverley's sworn testimony that it was he and not Mumia who killed officer Faulkner. So we gotta keep up the pressure on these fools! They think that by overturning the death sentence they can take the wind out of the Free Mumia movement's sails, make people think everything's cool, take away the sense of urgency. We can't let that happen. Life in prison is just a long drawn-out death sentence anyway, and also remember when someone's in prison there's all kind of dirty "extra-legal" ways of getting rid of them. Anyway I'ma put up another post with a few links and suggestions on what we can do (I think more people will read it if it's a new post.)

Still praise Jah for this little leeway we got now- but the fight is far from over. And when (not if) we get Mumia out of jail, there are many more political prisoners who need justice too... Leonard Peltier, Sundiata Acoli, Marilyn Buck, Mutulu Shakur (2Pac's stepfather), just to name a few. A luta continua!

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