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Re: What Red Sea Did Moses Cross ?
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Blessed Love,

I do not find it too hard to believe that a nation would "alter" or "exclude" parts of their history in order to cover up for such an embarrising event as the Exodus. Would the Egyptian aristocrisy want their children to know that Hashem outdid their chief Gods (As you may know, each of the Plagues was directed at a particular God in the Egyptian pantheon, ending in Hashem's dominating the Egyptian's chief God by blotting out the sun). It is the same as U.S. History books failing to mention how miserably the U.S. was defeated in Vietnam, or how many of the possible reasons for JFK's assasination are left out of the books (lest the US might start looking guilty). As for their "Red Sea"...you can blame that on poor translation. The "Red Sea" as spoken of in the KJV and other versions that are not as accurate as possible is actually the "Sea of Reeds" (check any English-translated Tanakh). If you are familiar with the "Sea of Reeds", you will find that it is a LOT smaller than the Red Sea and a lot more plausible that a small natural disaster such as an earthquake could account for temporary separation of the Sea's waters...enough for the Isrealites to cross through. And FURTHERMORE, to all you naysayers....this is GOD we're talking about. If GOD does indeed exist, as I am assuming you all do believe (I hope you have at least the wisdom to realize the existance of SOME kind of Supreme Being in this universe), then you should believe that the separation of a body of water is WELL WITHIN THE BOUNDARIES OF POSSIBILITY FOR THE ONE WHO CREATED THE UNIVERSE!!! Any attempt to rationalize with science or other accounts of history (i.e., sources outside of the Bible) is to show disbelief...and to show disbelief is the trod on the wrong side of the fence.

Give thanks.

"That's why them a hide off on the moon- because they know that JAH comin real soon..." -Luciano

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