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Re: SELASSIE I is not god
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how long since the africans know anything about the word god,and why shakka zulu never hear about him,where did SELASSIE I say these words about god and if he did,you better start picking sense from no sense,baby-lon done corrupt the people with confusion so the best thing to win forward the chosen ones is confusion,when the snake bites it gives you venom,and what do the doctor gives you to cure the bite more venom,the KING sey read and study the puzzle,all official business is spoken in the original language by the KING,then baby-lon interpretor tell you some bull shit sey the KING sey dat,eg.the KING sey love baby-lon tell you sey him sey hate,this is the west if they say run you better start walking a mi done chat fi now,no encourage me about nothing pon the KING wey western influence educate you about,god a ghost one more fiyah fi godzilla.

ras howard fiyah chief.

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Re: SELASSIE I is not god
Re: SELASSIE I is not god

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