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Re: SELASSIE I is not god

RastafarI Greetings',

The natural mystic of God in man and man in God as I read some time ago noted Sellassie I was a firm believer of "God help those who help themselves" and therefore no amount of words is needed to describe what or who God is___ much less for who Sellassie I be... but for the sake of reasoning for the young in I&I midst;

The Europeans taught the nations who they looted out of their structures, communities and then their land, that to be saved in their new environment which they're now in, they must accept the name of Jesus Christ to be born again & to be saved from the sins which they perpetrated against others; this order was for all to be able to enter the kingdom of heaven or else perish and die in the fires of doom and hell...

The hell they preach of is the hell of poverty and the Heavens they speak of:: is the heaven of deceit, corruption and constant betrayal to ourself worth and ancestry to see the eternal light of God... and on the otherhand preaching righteousness to the nations when they go out to plunder and devour more blood more land more gold to the expense of your labor for their riches robbing yourself to feed their fat while they wait for you to devour yourself to finish the start and end of your history.

They used the holy bible as the instrument to discredit ever thing in opposition to that view; But Sellassie I came and redeem I&I by showing mankind: :Is one world order, one word and one God for us all, ... without the overstanding of that he said ;Until that day everywhere is war...

Still he never claim he was Jesus the Christ he said if my father which are in heaven and hallowed be die name die kingdom come die will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespass as we forgive those that trespass against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from all that is evil for die is the kingdom the power and the glory for ever and ever one god {ah-men}allmen...yet he lives in the hearts and minds of the people as they put it;

so be it_____
Mary was the mother of his name, her conception was of the holy spirit which was called the holy host that enter her virginity and that holy spirit was, the man being a God who was able to create the flesh of himself in her as the son of man, son of God...he was best remembered as the spirit because he lives in the son and had covered the womb.

Therefore she was the chosen one to identify the purity of the woman and the birth of the child into the creation of earthiness before the hereafter...
Hence the Ethiopian Orthodox church up to this-day through the mysticism of Judaism in the Coptic stands alone among the group of Coptic churches and also make reverence to the birth of Christ and the virgin Mary...

Amen_ Ra_ StafarI...
Many generations which was looted revered Michael Angelo painting of his uncle as the image of Jesus the Christ what or who are you to question the politics of the image of the king Since Rasta people recognize the birth of the Emperor of Ethiopia as the birth of the new world order and know the book of life is in the I AM...
I am Man I am God I am of the powers of the God which is in the heavens I am creator of the universe which is on earth I am mortal until life exhume me to immortality I am a child of the king Selassie I____ I am RastafarI...

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Re: SELASSIE I is not god
Re: SELASSIE I is not god

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