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JAH is Cosmic Force

September 14-15, 2003
by Bantu Kelani

I have a strong sense of brotherhood and belonging to the ideology of Black-Afrocentric consciousness, that is precisely what Rastafari is. I believe in Wisdom and Dignity. I believe in the intense Humanity that is our Heritage and the Black-Negroid* race united under one goal and one government.

I'm not fond of JUDEO-CHRISTIAN creed and scriptures, which is what most Ras Tafari persons believe...As a dark-skinned African person, I prefer our TRUE RELIGION, the knowledge of our ORIGINAL scriptures in the Book of Coming forth by Day commonly known as "the Book of the Dead".

In this regard, I don't believe in the Divinity of King Selaissie I. For me, he's more a symbol of Black Pride and Dignity, a similar position held by other prominent African leaders: Toussaint L'Ouverture of Haiti, Marcus Garvey of UNIA, Malcolm Shabazz in Amerikkka, Kwame Nkrumah in Ghana, Patrice Lumumba in Zaire (DRC Congo), Nelson Mandela in South Africa etc...

The Emperor definitely hold a GREAT spot in the Black International Community due to his great work and relentless rallying cry for strong, independent and sovereign African Nations.

But, I do not practice the religion of the na´ve woman... JAH is for me an amazement-THE HARMONY OF NATURAL LAW, which reveals to me a systematic intelligent thinking and acting and keeps me from the shackles of selfish desire. JAH is expansion, beyond Time and Space, JAH is the motivating force of my life.

From: sivuyile
September 25, 2003

I respect your view. like i said Rastafari has always respected individuality but the question is how does that take us foward as black/ african race of people?

How does it help us in our current situation where bound by debt at both personal and continental level? where supremacy reigns in thought, word and action!

surely i am right in regarding you as an african revolutionary warrior so may be youcan show how the cosmic narture of jah helps us in our struggle for upliftment and restoration of our people. Sellasie I inspired i to fight against settler colonialism in azania, angola and zimbambwe! sellasie is my hope in my daily struggle against white supremacy whether in the form of racism, capitalism, neocolonialism and xenphobia today in azania!

each one teach on , each reach one

blessed love
black pure love
sellasie I HOLY EMMANUEL i

Response: Bantu Kelani
September 26, 2003

Greeting sivuyile!

I am an analytical thinker. At the same time I think I am open and progressive enough to be able to consider people and ideas from all over the spectrum. I try to be realistic in my beliefs of things based on REALITY as I have RESEARCHED, experienced and have been told by wiser and older people.

Everybody need and have a sense that there is something greater than self or than the human race, which is the CORE of any spirituality. Most Ras Tafari people believe this greater than self is Haile Selaisse I, emperor of Ethiopia. Others like me find Impossible to believe in anthropomorphic supernatural BEINGS, and difficult to imagine anything more worthy of reverence than oneself or Humankind, Nature or the power of the Universe. My personal beliefs and values always reconcile spirituality and rationality, emotion and values, human respect and environmental concern altogether with SCIENCE! Is it not the quintessence of InI consciousness the very foundation of the Rastafari movement?

It's because I am being so overpowered in the presence of Nature and glory the human race as a sacred Creation in the Universe bigger than me, that I find solace and GUIDANCE in despair and joy. JAH Cosmic Force gives me the MOTIVATION to achieve despite our tragic condition as black people. Analytical scientific knowledge guides me to Truth, afar from the widely held beliefs of the male chauvinist murder religions and prejudiced societal and politic indoctrinations.

A non-naive mind gives me INNER INTUITION that a natural/scientific Knowledge is the only tool to fight earthly subjugation. It is simply the REALITY and the laws of nature that ever effect us, not the cause of a bigoted anthropomorphic supernatural BEING. This is why I VALUE logic which help me generate a broader mindset and enables me to gain a potent consciousness with regard to my African Heritage and Indigenous African religion! That is why I value reasoned knowledge from scholars and those who are more experienced and successful, which enable me to ask the right questions and get the good information to help LIBERATE Africa and repatriate properly!

Yes! A non-fanatical mind enables me to create reasonable solutions, build, and maintain optimal solutions. I believe in the excellence and Impartiality of JAH in Spirituality and Reason, which help me to implement solutions effectively in competitive and complex situations.

Each person defines his/her own ethos within the broader Rastafarian culture that is fantastic, for I believe that we have enough brainpower within the Diaspora for us to go ahead and get our MOTHER CONTINENT together as long as we give into unselfishness and reason! That's MY belief~!

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