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AU, President Mbeki on African Diasopora

March 04, 2003


The final Press Breifing of the First Extraordinary Summit of the Assembly of the African Union just concluded. South African President Thabo Mbeki, who is the AU Chairperson, conducted the press conference and answered many questions concerning conflict resolution in Africa and about the AU's position concerning Iraq.

Wearing a new Green, Gold and Red Conquering Lion of Judah knitted shirt, I approached the microphone less than 10 feet from President Mbeki and spoke, "Ras Nathaniel, Rasafari Speaks newspaper. Please comment on the kinds of proposals that were discussed in the brainstorming session concerning the inclusion of the African Diaspora in the African Union."

I cannot give President Mbeki's exact response but he did reiterate that since this matter was raised as an ammendment to the Constitutive Act of the African Union, and since the Executive Committee accpeted the Ministerial proposed amendment, that the African Union was now committed to including the African Diaspora. President Mbeki did not detail what kinds of proposals were made, or, for example, how the AU would outreach to the African Diaspora or through what kind of mechanism or "modality" would be used.

Please check CNN, and/or other news to see if this was aired on international TV.

Most raspectfully,
Ras Nathaniel

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