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    Rastafari Speaks: Guyana

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    Caribbean: Walter Rodney: In Memory of the 25th Anniversary of His Brutal Assassination
    By Franz J. T. Lee

    Recently an article was published in "The Guyana Chronicle". Georgetown, by Rickey Singh, titled "Remembering a Legend: 25 Years after Murder of Walter Rodney". He reminds us that this month we are celebrating "the 25th anniversary of the most sensational case of a political act of assassination of a Caribbean icon to have shocked governments in this region and Africa and peoples in many countries of the world."

    I had the historical luck and honor not only of having met Dr. Walter Rodney personally in Guyana, between 1977 and 1979, while I was lecturing at the University of Guyana; but also of having been working together with him in the anti-Apartheid struggle, and in his Working People's Alliance (WPA); often, we held lectures together, condemning the racist, fascist Apartheid policies in my "homeland" South Africa. I remember that Rodney categorically abhorred all forms of capitalist and imperialist exploitation, domination, discrimination and alienation in both the metropolitan and "Third World" countries.

    (Read More... | Caribbean | Score: 4.8)

    Caribbean: L.F.S. Burnham, a Fitting Role-model for Rastafari Youths of Guyana
    RasAshkar writes

    It is very important that we as Rastafari youths start seeking out and emulating the positive role models that have lived and are still living among us. One man who plumply falls into this category is our late L.F.S. Burnham, the Haile Selassie I of Guyana. The Rastafari community locally, with all due respect to brethren and sistren who are trying relentlessly to lift our people out of the morass of economic, cultural and political subjugation, lacks positive role models.

    The image of the rastaman portrayed in Guyana is just another ploy by the colonialists to keep our people bastardized, badmanish, ghetto-styled and uninterested in politics, economics and social rights and issues. It is also an inferiority syndrome which the system of slavery left us as a legacy.

    (Read More... | Caribbean | Score: 4.1)

    Book Reviews: Rastafari and Dr. Kean Gibson's book
    RasAshkar writes

    By Ras Ashkar

    The Cycle of Racial Oppression in Guyana
    The Cycle of Racial Oppression in Guyana by Dr. Kean Gison

    Dr. Kean Gison's book, 'The Cycle of Racial Oppression in Guyana' is a very controversial piece of work. In the presentation of her facts or opinions about the Hindu caste system operating against Africans in Guyana, Dr. Gibson chose not to be euphemistic. She presented her thesis as she saw it, plain and straight to the point. This is not to say that I totally agree with Dr. Gibson's hypothesis. As a leader in the Rastafari community I am compelled to present facts and not personal opinions. Nevertheless, I recognize and respect Dr. Gibson's right to say what she feels and believes.

    Importantly the ERC's ruling on Dr. Gibson's Book revealed the following; No day is as threatening to the peace, security and existence of other people as when the Black man decide to voice his concern, relate his suffering and present his facts. To others the Black man is best when he, in a spirit of taciturnity decide to say nothing, sing no songs, beat no drums and write no books. In direct terms, he is better when he does nothing to educate his people. It is a threat to other people when the Black man try to organize, initiate a financial enterprise, praise a black God and try to be self-reliant and progressive.

    (Read More... | Book Reviews | Score: 3.44)

    Caribbean: Huge Floods in Guyana, help out if you can
    Taken from Rastafari Speaks Message Board

    Posted by Gman

    As you may or may not know the country I grew up in, Guyana 'The Land of Many Waters', has faced massive flooding due to non-stop rainfall for one week straight a few weeks ago. Up to 300,000 people are affected by this, whether they have lost their homes, livelihoods, or lives in the case of some people. Anyway anybody familiar with Guyana knows that people have been struggling and suffering there from long time; this (while I look at it as a gentle warning from Mama, if anything) ain't making things no easier. So, as with the tsunami in Asia, as with the hurricanes which mashed up Grenada and other islands, I just trying to publicize this and let people know that help is needed.

    (Read More... | Caribbean | Score: 3.75)

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