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    Rastafari Speaks: Cuba and Castro

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    Caribbean: Recent Media Coverage of Cuba: Selective Commendation, Selective Indignation
    Cuba and Castro
    By Emily Kirk, John Kirk and Norman Girvan
    April 27, 2010

    The January 2010 earthquake in Haiti caused some 230,000 deaths, left 1.5 million homeless, and has directly affected 3 million Haitians—1/3 of the population. On March 31, representatives of over 50 governments and international organizations gathered at the United Nations Haiti Donor Conference to pledge long-term assistance for the rebuilding of Haiti. At the conference, Cuba made arguably the most ambitious and impressive pledge of all countries—to rebuild the entire National Health Service. While the efforts of other government have been praised, those of Cuba, however, have largely been ignored in the media.

    The aim of Cuba's contribution is to completely reconstruct the Haitian health care system—and to do so in a sustainable manner. The new system will be based on the Cuban model, embracing primary, secondary and tertiary health care, in addition to the training of additional Haitian doctors in Cuba.

    (Read More... | Caribbean | Score: 5)

    Caribbean: Nothing Can Be Improvised in Haiti, Fidel Castro
    Cuba and Castro
    By Fidel Castro Ruz
    May 24, 2009
    Reflections of Fidel

    Five days ago I read a press report stating that Ban Ki-moon would appoint Bill Clinton as his special envoy for Haiti.

    According to the report, Clinton accompanied the Secretary General on a two-day official visit to Haiti on March last in order to support the development program that had been designed by the government of Port of Prince, aimed at awakening the lethargic Haitian economy.

    The report stated that the ex president had maintained a remarkable philanthropic commitment with the Caribbean nation through the Clinton Global Initiative.

    (Read More... | Caribbean | Score: 4.66)

    World Focus: Racism, Obama and the Fall of the American Economy
    Cuba and Castro
    By Fidel Castro
    October 14, 2008

    Trade, within a society and between countries, is the exchange of goods and services produced by human beings. The owners of the means of production appropriate the profits. As a class, they are the leaders of the capitalist state and they boast of fostering development and social wellbeing through market. This they worship as an infallible God.

    In every country there is competition between the strongest and the weakest; the ones with more physical energy and better fed, those who learned how to read and write, who attended school and have more experience accumulated; the ones with more extensive social relations and more resources, and those within society who fail to have these advantages.

    (Read More... | World Focus | Score: 4.8)

    African Diaspora: Empowering Cuba to Save More African Lives
    Cuba and Castro
    By Obi Egbuna
    August 23, 2008

    The bravery and fervor Cuban Revolutionaries have displayed since time immemorial, from Jose Marti (whom Fidel Castro affectionately refers to as the Apostle of the revolution) and General Antonio Maceo to Che Guevara and Vilma Espin, have always been an inspiration to those who truly love freedom and justice. This passion for world peace stems from the revolutionary values which are at the core of Cuban society. Often times, the world has seen how willing Cubans are to give their lives and resources in pursuit of freedom and justice-such as they did at the US led Bay of Pigs invasion of 1961,and in Angola, Mozambique and Guinee Bissau. A more current example of this courage are the 5 Cuban patriots, who are illegally imprisoned in US jails, because they decided to risk their lives to prevent further acts of naked aggression and terrorism against their beloved homeland, by the counter revolutionary Cuban forces in Miami who are openly aligned with the Bush administration. It is quite interesting that despite this rich history of sacrifice, Commandante Fidel Castro has humbly indicated on many occasions that the greatest army ever assembled in Cuba, is that of the medical brigades. These professional and well trained brigades have many times represented their country patriotically not only at home but throughout the world.

    (Read More... | African Diaspora | Score: 5)

    Caribbean: Fidel Castro's 'Life'
    Cuba and Castro
    La Lucha Continua

    By Ron Jacobs
    February 12, 2008

    Fidel Castro is one of the great men of the past fifty years. Even his bitterest enemies acknowledge this by their continuing attempts to destroy the man and the revolution he is identified with. In 2003, journalist Ignacio Ramonet, editor of Le monde diplomatique, began a series of lengthy conversations with Fidel that were recently published in English. This collection of interviews taking place over two years, titled Fidel Castro: My Life, is a history and autobiography of a man who is not only a revolutionary, but the leader of a country that has maintained its national integrity and independence in the face of one of history's longest economic blockades and has stared down the biggest empire in the history of humankind while doing so.

    (Read More... | Caribbean | Score: 3.25)

    War and Terror: Luis Clemente Faustino Posada Carriles
    Cuba and Castro
    Small Fish in a Pond of Murderous Sharks

    By Kurt Nimmo, kurtnimmo.com

    Forget Abu Faraj al-Libbi, the guy who went out for al-Qaeda's coffee, and consider Luis Clemente Faustino Posada Carriles, a verified terrorist and former CIA agent who blew up an airplane (Cubana Airlines flight 455, killing 73 passengers), planted bombs in Cuban hotels, was involved in the murder of two Cuban officials in Argentina in August 1976, participated in plans to assassinate Cuban officials in Chile and assassinate Fidel Castro. If Carriles was Muslim, had blown up an American passenger plane, was involved in the murder of U.S. officials, bombing hotels, and had plotted to kill Bush, Special Forces and the CIA would be looking high and low for him, would likely attempt to kill him with a Predator drone, armed with Hellfire missiles, the same way the CIA killed Qaed Salim Sinan al-Harethi (described as a lowly al-Qaeda bodyguard) in northwest Yemen in early November, 2002.

    (Read More... | War and Terror | Score: 4.25)

    World Focus: Cuba's Response to AIDS
    Cuba and Castro
    A Model for the Developing World

    By Edwin Krales

    In April 2003, Cuba hosted FORO 2003-"the second forum on HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases in Latin America and the Caribbean." This was a crucial conference. Except for Cuba (0.7%), the Caribbean has the 2nd highest rate of AIDS in the world (2.3%) after sub-Saharan Africa (9%). During the 6-day conference, 1483 delegates, worldwide, made dozens of presentations.

    There was no U.S. delegation, but there were U.S. presenters. I was in Havana delivering needed medical supplies. Since 1990, I have been a nutritionist with the U.S. HIV community. In 1993 I began collecting donated surplus medical supplies for Cuba. I presented a paper on HIV/AIDS and body composition using state of the art Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis technology (BIA). BIA measures body cell mass (BCM), water, fat and other compartments in your body. Loss of more than 46% of normal BCM is incompatible with life. A unique BIA measurement, the phase angle (PA), best indicates long- range survival potential in the HIV infected. PA measures "strength" of an individual's cell membranes by changes in electrical conductivity. Healthy cells have higher PA than sick cells.

    (Read More... | World Focus | Score: 5)

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