Real Beauty
Date: Wednesday, January 12 @ 21:51:19 UTC
Topic: women

Beauty these days to others is not what I know or believe it as; others have changed beauty to putting on layers of makeup and all these beauty pageants and competitions which I see as mentally and at times physically degrading to a woman.

If you are a woman and proud of how you look and like the way you are, you shouldn't have to enter these competitions, you should have enough self-esteem inside to tell yourself I am beautiful. Why must you go parade your body in the skimpiest outfits for the world to say to you that you are beautiful and carry around a title for just a year when you can just be contented with how you were made and be happy with it.

Other women don't enter the competitions but they prefer to go to the operation table and have they tummy tuck and bust lifted and so forth, why do they attack they holy temple (they body) in such a way. I really don't know, but from most whom I have asked all answered the same; they don't feel happy within, but as it shows they haven't found their will power or self-knowledge so they are lost and bewildered and must do these things to feel happy. This type of happiness only lasts for a period of time but internal happiness which they haven't found as yet or may never find, lasts forever.

All this just goes to show that what they call beauty is really not true beauty.

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