Black Revolutionaries
Date: Monday, July 12 @ 19:04:09 UTC
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By Yasus Afari
July 12, 2010 -

Power-fool nations and the African crucifixion

The history of human civilization provides impressive and overwhelming evidence that the essence and glory of the African People inspires, influenced and illuminated the ancient world centuries before other nations. Interestingly, this occurred while many of the now/contemporary, individualized and power-fool nations were groping in the darkness of their ignorance and underdevelopment. Indeed, the centuries of Europe benefited extensively from African civilization when they were awakened from their prolonged slumber, about six centuries ago. It is now an established fact that Greece, Spain, ancient Rome and others were guided and enlightened by the wisdom and glory of African civilization, which they gradually filtered and introduced into Europe.

As alluded to in the book “Overstanding RASTAFARI – Jamaica’s Gift to the World”, Europe’s notorious gang-rape, plunder and ultimate enslavement and colonization of Africa was largely motivated by ignorance, envy and greed along with their moral, social economic deficiency and insufficiency, which was coupled with the intoxicating effect and grandeur of Africa, which blinded their (Europe) vision and numbed their collective conscience. Hence, the people of Africa were crucified on the international altar of slavery and colonialism and buried into the sepulcher of death and captivity by the power-fool nations, peoples and drunkards of the international community.

Ironically, these very nations now profile and parade within the international community as the paragons of virtue and civilizing forces of the modern world. However, consistent with the cyclic nature of the human experience, nations rise and nations fall, civilizations rise and civilizations fall, in the supreme quest of attaining and maintaining the illusive and delicate balance of sustainable development. In harmony with this notion, Mama Africa is gradually re-emerging from the colonial slaughter to reclaim Her rightful place of dignity among the family of nations.

The Black Resurrection and The Black Revolutionaries

To forcefully and brutally extract a people from their communities and natural habitat is one of the most savage and inhuman acts. Then, to subject that people to the slaughter, torment and inhumanity of slavery, colonialism and neo-colonialism is diabolic beyond normal human comprehension. The African people and nations who are the victims of these heinous acts of aggression have nothing to be ashamed of.

In fact, to have survived this terrible holocaust is a remarkable feat and monumental accomplishment of which Africa must be justly proud. Indeed, the perpetrators of this awful crime against humanity must be made to feel ashamed of themselves and must be persuades to compensate Africa and her people, by acceptable means and methods of reparations and repatriations.

From the very beginning of the European gang-style-rape and wholesale slaughter of the African family, the people of Africa fiercely resisted this European onslaught and butchery. This courageous resistance, which actually escalated into full-scale guerilla warfare, took place both on the continent of Mama Africa and in the bowels and dungeons of the African Diaspora. In fact, this relentless resistance to the European domination and down-pression was largely responsible for the incremental dismantling of the institutions of slavery and colonialism, which resulted in the abolition movement as well as the freedom and independence movements in Africa and the Black Diaspora.

In this connection, the struggle continues against the forces of neo-colonialism and Euro-American imperialism and exploitation and into this very era and the current year of the bicentenary of the abolition of slavery. Therefore, as we enter the third century, since the abolition of slavery, let it be known and recognized that century is the “third day”/“third century” of the Black Resurrection.

With this in mind, this column, entitled “The Black Revolutionaries”, will seek to recognize the celebrated the lives and works of those Black Revolutionary Warriors and Freedom Fighters who have resisted the evils of colonialism and slavery. In so doing, we hope to further energize, inspire, motivate and mobilize The Black Revolutionary Forces, so as to reverse the underdevelopment of African, by re-constructing the ancient memories of the African future.

Consistent with this notion, let us endeavor to re-connect, heal and restore the broken memories and fragments of our history and heritage, into an immortal continuum that will result in the total liberation and freedom of African and victory of good over evil. So let it be. Selah.


This is the war cry for all prisoners (of conscience) and liberators universally!
Freedom must be – our only prison!

Free the prisoners!
‘Cause prisoners cyaan prison prisoners
Thieves and murderers cannot condemn thieves and murders!

Cho: Wi haffe mek it come
Wi must mek it/e come
Wi haffe bring wi own freedom come

Tear the shackles from your mind
And the chains from your hands
And the chains from your feet
Free-up your body and your mind
The prisoners are in the streets
And the streets are in the prisons
You are a product of your environment
Soh the crooks are the architects of the establishment
Soh listen to me reasoning and start an argument

Cho. …………

Soh yu get up every day committing crimes
Putting the prisons in your mind
If you take the prisoners out of the prison
It will be no more a prison
There will be no need for a prison
So empty the prisons – NOW!

Cho. ………..

Now ask yourself
Who am I?
Where am I from?
Where am I going?
Why am I here?
What’s my purpose in life?
A weh mi deh?
A weh mi name?
A weh mi a goh?
Now when you find the answers to those questions
Freedom will be your only prison!

Cho. Wi haffe mek it come
Wi must mek it/e come
Wi haffe bring wi own freedom come


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