Swine flu exposes West's hypocrisy
Date: Monday, May 25 @ 02:34:37 UTC
Topic: Zimbabwe

By Henry Harry Makowa
May 23, 2009, The Herald

WITH the current swine flu plague hitting Mexico and now almost all parts of the world, one cannot help but wonder what international outcry would have been constructed had the deadly flu originated in Zimbabwe.

It is more important to understand this fact in light of and in so far as Zimbabweans are still very much aware of the condemnation and criminal discrimination against its citizens over the cholera outbreak that rocked the country towards the end of December 2008.

What is interesting about the swine flu in Mexico is that it has produced two outcomes totally opposite to how Zimbabwe was treated over the cholera.

The first outcome is that no single opposition party or lobby group in Mexico has sought to turn the deadly flu into a political manifesto to score sinister political points against the government at the expense of the dead, dying and ailing citizens as happened in Zimbabwe with cholera.

We have also not seen any organisation in Mexico claiming to represent the people but on the other hand doctoring and criminally falsifying figures of the dead through massive multiplications and presenting them to international bodies such as the United Nations Security Council for the sole purpose of having foreign troops deployed to Mexico over a medical issue as proposed for Zimbabwe, this point being part of the second outcome.

As for Zimbabwe, they would not have been foreign troops but international soldiers of fortune.

The second outcome is that we have not seen the flu in Mexico which is definitionally a medical issue just like the cholera in Zimbabwe was, being given an international and domestic political security status and not a medical status as Zimbabwe was subjected to and as already been briefly explained above.

The above two outcomes clearly show us how the regime change agenda in Zimbabwe is more real than some people care to believe or admit.

In Zimbabwe it has been interesting to note that with the cholera outbreak hitting the country, we all of a sudden saw political scientists and professors of politics became the analysts and observers of the medical issue whilst the analysis of trained medical doctors was deemed unhelpful, requiring those with political training.

This is what clearly exposed the regime change agenda to me as the purported international concerns over the cholera pandemic in Zimbabwe became clearly political through such actions of hearing political scholars to replace medical scholars in a field they no nothing in depth about.

Since when has a political scientist become qualified to comment on medical issues?

In the case of Zimbabwe was it because the Euro-American paid analysts and political scientists (nothing scientific in their findings) would be useful in positioning a medical pandemic into a political problem thus fuelling citizen dislike of their government?

The latter is exactly what in Zimbabwe the West had hoped for and still hopes for.

It was as if cholera was a thematic concept and chapter of a political science text.

What has also been interesting about the comparison of the flu in Mexico and the cholera in Zimbabwe is how other nations have been forced to react on the Mexico flu compared to the Zimbabwe cholera.

The correct position taken by the so-called international community has been for countries to be on high alert but not to discriminate against Mexicans something, which is good and not a problem.

The problem arises when you look at the Western position as clearly hypocrisy as it was the same West which falsely alarmed, and through the usage of clear racism through their media, that Zimbabweans were spreading cholera in neighbouring countries as all Zimbabweans were affected.

In the event that the opposition and its civic partners and international organisations were correct that the majority of Zimbabweans were cholera patience then how do they explain the fact that not even a single university in South Africa, where Zimbabweans of all walks of life exist, did not record cholera outbreaks as Zimbabweans trooped from the December 2008 holidays to go back to their schooling in South Africa?

Of course the British cannot lie to the world that it did not receive any Zimbabweans into its land from the period of the cholera outbreak and surprisingly no outbreak of the pandemic was discovered in Albion's land that had a tracing of Zimbabwe's rich Savannah soil.

It is important for us to take a comparison of Euro-American reaction to Mexico's swine flu with our cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe as it gives us more enlightenment on the evil nature of the unrepentant racist hand of the west and its regime change agenda on Zimbabwe.

Henry Harry Makowa is a Zimbabwean student studying at the University of Fort Hare, South Africa.

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