Jesus and Spiritual Bondage
Date: Friday, April 03 @ 16:07:05 UTC
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By EmpresKeneilwe
Posted: April 03, 2009
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I recently came across an article that has made reference to "Jesus's" race. It was actually the second time I read it. But with time, my consciousness has expanded more than the first time I read it, therefore, I had a more in-depth overstanding of what the author was trying to portray. I'm sure most of you are familiar with it; the symbolism of Christ and the cross. Eventually, I ended up "Googling black Jesus". That also brought up a lot researchers' claims on the race of Jesus and the origins of religion, Christianity in particular.

As we may all be aware that Roman and Greek claim(ed) civilization at Africa's expense. Although it is of vital importance that we know these historical facts, we also need to guard against being too "caught up" in these discoveries/realisations. As much as I believe and overstand that religion was created for political reasons, I also feel that it is somewhat misleading to actually still hold on to the fact that there was/is a saviour who died for sins on the cross, even if he was black. I have read "Book of the Dead/Coming Forth by Day", and if I overstand it correctly, the author states "DECLARE your INNOCENCE" and not confess your sins. BUT I STAND CORRECTED. To me personally, it makes sense to declare one's innocence, coz one is born without "sin". In the case of Christianity, one is baptised to "wash" sins away - WHY? What sin have you committed?

Christianity is different from Africanity or African Spirituality. It makes you feel guilty when one accepts "the self". Africanity on the other hand, enhances the self, in effort of one embracing the self wholeheartedly and spiritually. Thus the reason why one cannot claim Africanism and Christianity at the same time, they are in conflict. One cannot be spiritually uplifted with this ongoing inner conflict.

We are not a colour-blind society. That's a given. But in the case of Christianity in particular, it doesn't matter whether or not Jesus was black. In essence, that would still keep us in mental bondage. For instance, one still would refer to "him" or not "her". You'd still be waiting for that blessed day that "he" will descend from the sky (that's fairytale mentality) to save us (blacks, people of colour) from this evil white (Eurocentric) supremacy system. But we'd still have to deal with sexism (men are superior to women) bcoz they were created in "his" image -- blonde, blue-eyes and white (light-skinned). It would raise the question of what did he have in mind when "he" created a "wombman" or "other races". If he's a god that is "colour-blind" or gender-less, why is he white? Why aren't we all the same colour and gender, like him?

We'd have to deal with race and classism. I can safely say the list is endless. The Bible, when thoroughly overstood, brings forth more conflict than solutions.

I've also realised that people equate the Bible, Quran or Torah to something like a cellphone; always making reference to it. The Bible says, the Bible says. I'm sure we all know what the Bible says. One can buy it at any given time. But what do you say? What does your spirit/soul say? One can never buy spirituality nor can one buy faith. Why does it have to [be] a pillar of strength? I mean literally… as in a physical structure. That would mean that, without having the Bible at arms length, they would fall or be left stranded. This to me makes the Bible "material". You can't live without it - MENTAL BONDAGE. What ever happened to faith? Why is that people cannot use their own experiences or testimonials as references? Why can't people write their own personal "books of life"? This just goes to show that as much some have claimed "consciousness", a lot are still chained to the core.

With time (which we don't have), we will be able to help each other to break these chains. I'm also a student of this university called "life". With each new rising, I learn something new. Therefore, I'm not saying this piece is the epitome of self-realisation or consciousness. It is certainly a stepping stone. One needs to know that we don't have much time to be "soul searching", instead we should be growing our souls -- soul awakening, for lack of better terminology -- without holding onto material. The Bible and church included. And this goes for all other "mainstream" religions.

Yours in divinity,

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