Bicentennial Global Dialogue (4)
Date: Thursday, August 02 @ 19:45:27 UTC
Topic: Dread

Ras Jahaziel
August 02, 2007


Without a doubt, the rising tide of Black reparations is sure to affect all nations, because Black labor and Black resources are the foundation stones upon which all “First World Wealth” is built.

If this rising tide continues, the weather forecast for White Heaven looks pretty ominous.

Hence there is a need to pump billions of dollars into The Culture of Dumb Down, otherwise known as The Culture of DELIBERATELY CULTIVATED IGNORANCE.

For many centuries The Culture of Dumb Down has worked splendidly, and plantation Negroes have learned how to dance and enjoy themselves with the bottle in the barrel where they have been placed since the days of FALSE EMANCIPATION.

But Truth once crushed to the ground will rise again, and therefore there must be found a means of stemming the rising tide…. if Slave Master interests are to be protected,…. if the values of “The Free World” that profit from maintaining Black ignorance are to remain unaffected.

So this is the time to resort to time-tested and proven methods for damming social floodwaters and averting cataclysmic storms. We did it in the early days of Christianity and now look how successfully it is working! The revolutionary movement has become The Slave-Owner’s Movement.

Let’s get some trusted House Negroes. They are not hard to find. Our universities have manufactured plenty of them whose lifelong ambition is to get a secure seat on the plantation. And we have some former revolutionaries who have gotten soft with old age, because radicalism did not help to improve their personal position on the plantation. They will easily be persuaded to serve two masters, one that will allow them to continue to LOOK LIKE and the other that will ensure that they are FAR FROM. We will train them until they become EXPERTS IN FOOLING THE SHEEPLE. These “reasonable” Negroes who have learned to see the slave-owner’s point of view will bring “closure” to the issue of racism and reparations, once and for all.

Oh poor people of Ethiopia, how long will you be betrayed by two-headed, two-faced, two-tongued Demons whose hands are well greased with THE MASTER’S PAY CHECK?

It would be good if this prophecy were wrong, but time will tell, and meanwhile the eyes of truth will continue to scrutinize diligently that Model Slave Plantation where The Bicentennial Global Dialogue is scheduled to be held… JUST AFTER THE ORGY OF BACCHUS HAS CAST ITS SPELL. (Bridgetown, Barbados, W.I. :: August 21 – 30, 2007 (

They think that we are ignorant and all we know is what they tell us as they continue to belittle our integrity with bribes, handshakes and money.

No man can serve two masters, for ultimately he will be faced with the choice of doing the will of one and betraying the other.

In the era of falsehood, a lover of truth must publish aloud the truth. If he is lukewarm about the truth and silent about the lie, and exposes not the illusion he contradicts his truth profession.

Above all things racism and mental slavery is a psychological program that must be downloaded in the victims’ heads continually. The true advocates of reparations are saying HALT THE DELIBERATE DOWNLOADING and institute a mental program that will resurrect the sleeping giant. Religion and culture are the nests of The Vulture. When religion and culture are revolutionized, that which was broken will be truly repaired again. Economics must be a means to achieve that end not an end in itself. Reparations is therefore not a business deal or “A BUSINESS CONFAB” that turns out just like AID MONEY to be another long-term business investment that ultimately benefits the donor.

Real thinkers, truly conscious reparations advocates are pointing to the ongoing program of mental enslavement (mentacide) that must first be aborted and replaced with the promotion of truth instead of the present stifling of truth. If this is not the main focus of the Global Dialogue it can be said WE ARE BACK TO BRIBES WITH GIFTS AND TRINKETS AGAIN.

The slave-owners really believe that we can be fooled at any time. Why not? In most cases he has your head in a bottle.

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