Foreign powers are fuelling war in Congo
Date: Wednesday, July 05 @ 03:29:44 UTC
Topic: Africa

The Democratic Republic of Congo is set to hold elections this month. Refugee Innocent Nkung wrote to Tony Blair explaining these are not democratic

As long as the war in the Congo and the plundering of its natural resourses continue, we cannot talk of democratic elections.

More than four million people have been killed in the war that has been raging in the Congo since 1996.

The war is based on Western interests. There are more than 50 foreign companies exploiting minerals in the Congo. Congolese people have not been consulted about any of this.

While people are being killed or forced to leave their homes, these foreign companies are exploiting minerals - protected by security forces and unaffected by the war.

The war in the Congo receives incalculable support from foreign powers. British companies continue to supply weapons to Congolese rebels and to the Rwandan and Ugandan armies to terrorise the Congo.

The five candidates for the election are all bloodthirsty rebels. They have obtained power by force. They are all responsible for killing Congolese people. They are all involved in the sale of the Congo and its natural resources.

Several European armies will supervise the elections. It is inappropriate that they should intervene in the Congo. It is time for the Congolese people to determine their own destiny.

In the Congo and across Africa, every single human right is abused. People are so poor that they can't buy food and children don't go to school because of the lack of money and jobs. There is insecurity and poor communication networks.

Only the government and their families, who are thieves of Congolese resources, have rights. Those who oppose the regime are detained, ill-treated, tortured, assaulted and often killed.

Real democracy would give Africans the right to make their own choice for their representatives, to control their own lands, to have freedom of expression.

We are struggling for real African representatives who work for their people's interests.

I suggest that the British government stop selling arms to Congo, stop supporting dictators and rebels and stop exploiting Congolese mineral resources.

The war for profit must cease. Only then can there be real peace from which the population can benefit, and democracy will have a chance to develop.

Mr Blair, I am urging you to use your powers for the withdrawal of all the foreign armies and cease to support rebels, dictators and terrorists in the Congo.

We need our freedom, sovereignty, and independence in order to decide for our own future without any interference.


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