Instilled Protectionism of White/Male Supremacy
Date: Thursday, June 15 @ 14:18:04 UTC
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By discipleofthenile
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It is amazing that as Rastafari there are those that refuse to acknowledge higher truths that are presented as a result of making a conscious CHOICE to seek/grasp more than what has been released by mainstream teachers and dogmas.

Rastafari is about one thing (should be). It is about experiencing and grasping absolute truth. But since their is an obstacle/blockade to this path, it becomes paramount to remove that blockade. So unfortunately, the mission of Rastafari is on two fronts: (self/truth attainment AND lie/oppression removal)

The most unadulterated, purest experience of truth is NATURE. Nature is not just the jungle or the brook or the park or trees, birds and lions. Nature is EVERYTHING that is under the auspices of energy and matter's communion. In other words NATURE is EVERYTHING. Even "Super-natural" is a oxymoron/misnomer. Because there is nothing that is above nature...there are only "mysteries" (to some of us) that are classified as above nature, especially by the clueless who now rule the planet. The accurate term would be "above our understanding of nature". Let us not allow our limits to define something. So I hope it is understood that supernatural refers to hidden (occult - that which is hidden) nature.

The question is why are certain things "hidden" in nature...who does the hiding...who does the revealing.

I sight that many things are hidden in order to establish or continue mass control by the manipulators. The manipulators retain their power status by control of information. Which means that the information that is regulated is purposely released/diclosed so that it poses no threat. So automatically my mind must click when I think of a king (James) releasing "the ultimate" truth.

I must conclude one of two things;
-either this truth is powerless
-or it isn't ultimate truth

When we think of historical Christianity, which I must give a birthdate of 325 AD (Constantine/Nicea), how has this "empowered" or "liberated" Afrikans. The evidence is overwhelming that it has done the EXACT opposite. In fact, not only does it damage and suppress Afrikans, it damages and suppresses feminine energy [No mystery that the original loop of the ankh has been closed shut [spiritual symbolic hysterectomy] mystery that the circular/cyclical truths of femininity (universality) has been made into a linear representation.]

The origin of oppressive mindset starts with the tampering/dpwnpressing of feminine aspects/energies which is a clear and present desecration to goddess Ma'at. ["GODDESS" Ma'at]. In other words RACISM is born of the "oedipal"/psychotic suppression of the female womb and its powers/energies. It is a cancer that just spread to anyone or anything other than a white male.

But the real irony is that here we are as "truth detectives" and we fail to sight the evidence that is right under our noses.

As Ras Tyehimba stated in one of the article in the archives, the system is set up so that racism and sexism does not require personal applications by individuals. In other words, the oppression is now standard and engrained more in habit and psychology than by "ugly" hatred or mean words. The "political correctness" dogma sent racist and sexist manueverings into the underground, which makes it just as if not more powerful because it is hidden (As Morgan Freeman thinks - it will "go away"). Notice people are not criticized for thinking like a bigot, they are criticized for "speaking" like a bigot. So "P.C." requires no mindset change it just requires more tact or underhandedness.

Political correctness is the "backflow" valve for racism and sexism. Backflow valves ensure that sewage does not return to the source. (it just goes away) Now that the positions of Blacks and Women are inferiorly established, it now becomes "out of line" or "babylon-esque" to speak in terms of color (complexion) or gender. (very clever my enemy, very clever)

But if we are to truly dismiss our demons, we must CONFRONT them, not try and deny or ignore them. And the only effective way to exorcise anything is to purge it. Completely extract it. This means that just as the girl in the Exorcist movie kept twisting her head around, a prudent solution is not to brace her head. Just as the girl's skin turned colors, the solution is not to put a facial scrub and make-up on her. You must attack the attacker.

We must search ourselves.

Self-denial is complicity to anything that goes on within our sights.

We have been made to fear loaded code-words such as "Black supremacy", "reverse brown bag test" and "matriarchal supremacy". Those three politically incorrect terms are guardians of the status quo.

But since we already OVERstand that racism and sexism are absolute lies and the most destructive/disastrious implementations in the universe...why would the possibility of THE EXACT OPPOSITE (in accordance to Ma'at) be so stricken from our minds and lips.

Truths that are hidden in Nature are just as hidden within ourselves.

We refuse to discuss and highlight BLACKNESS and FEMININITY, even BLACK/EMPRESSES...

Very clever my enemy, very clever.

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