Is the United States of America itself fascist and terrorist?
Date: Thursday, November 04 @ 16:14:51 UTC
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By Franz J. T. Lee
November 04, 2004

The elections in the USA are over -- internationally we are being flooded with all sorts of favorable and critical comments. Over the last years, we have explained what are in store for mankind: "Project for a New American Century," "Full Spectrum Dominance," "Fourth Reich," the military destruction of "the axis of evil," an "Orwellian Present," fatal, lethal "Arms of Mass Destruction," Body, Mind and Thought Control, a "Mental Holocaust," the planned annihilation of billions of obsolete, physical forces of labor, the coming Euro-American World War, etc.

In our previous commentary, just before the elections, we have stated categorically: "In reality, Capital, their corporate bosses, have decided long ago, who will be at the helm of the next global "economic and political wars." What we will see within the next days is just a political circus, a social pastime, inaugurated by the international mass media, to deviate attention away from the real problems of corporate imperialism and of emancipatory revolution here in Latin America and elsewhere."

Explaining the current Orwellian fascism in the USA, we stated: "In fact, excluding some valiant exceptions, the majority of the United States "proles" are so mind- and thought-controlled, that next month indirectly they will elect their own "bushers" ... sorry ... their own butchers themselves."

This statement above really touches the thin, delicate life-wire of world preoccupation concerning this international, electoral, political circus and social carnival launched by the huge imperialist mass media.

It is really frightening to see how many millions of Americans are doped, drugged, are mentally and intellectually controlled. Who has studied German nazism and Italian fascism, can measure the dangerous degree of popular indoctrination and manipulation.

In fact, after the Great Depression of 1929, during the severe crisis of global imperialism, exactly this "mental holocaust" had gripped the German masses, who, in the end, could just still scream "Heil Hitler!" They saw nothing, in delirium they followed their "Fuehrer."

Imagine, just nine months before, they had voted for the socialists and communists.

Hence, in revolutionary and emancipatory matters, we should be extremely careful with "masses", with the "people," who have not yet acquired a historical social class consciousness, scientific praxis and philosophic theory.

Once more, allow us briefly to explain why we use the term “fascist” to determine the current quintessence of the USA.

Firstly, historically, fascism appeared at a certain stage of European capital accumulation and imperialism, mainly before and during the Second World War, 1919-45. It was characterized as a politico-ideological mass movement that dominated many parts of central, southern, and eastern Europe; its global venom also reached Western Europe, the United States, South Africa, Japan, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Secondly, in Italy, Benito Mussolini coined the concept “fascism,” as name of his party, taken from Latin “fasces” which means a bundle of elm or birch rods, containing an ax, that originally was used as a symbol of penal authority in the Roman Empire.

* Today, in the USA the term is simply "Republican," against "world terrorism."

Thirdly, to be able to classify the USA, we should note that the various fascist parties had multifarious differences, but all of them expressed certain common characteristics:

an extreme military nationalism, a contempt for electoral democracy, human rights and civil liberties, political and cultural liberalism, furthermore, authoritarian, totalitarian rule of elites, corporatism, the belief in a natural, civilized, social-darwinian hierarchy, social discrimination and racism, terrorism and genocide, anti-communism, and the strong desire to create a homeland, a Volksgemeinschaft, a people's community, in which individual interests would be sacrificed to the well-being of the Volk, of the nation, but also in a World Empire, a Reich.

The contemporary USA practically qualify for most, when not all, of these attributes, to be safely classified scientifically as fascist.

By the way, although not exactly like Corporate America, yet the general aim was to establish a large assembly of management-controlled corporations, or a “corporatist parliament,” that would replace all independent organizations of workers and employers.

This “parliament” would then organize a Nazi “Strength Through Joy” workers’ program. Extensive corporatist legislation, patriot acts, created government-controlled unions and outlawed strikes. In reality, fascist corporatism was used to destroy the labor movements and to suppress political especially socialist and communist dissent. Later, even Croatian, Russian, Argentine, Brazilian, and Chilean fascism had proposed corporatist solutions to labor-management strife.

Surely, quintessentially, fascism -­ as economic exploitation, political domination, social discrimination, genocidal militarism and dehumanizing alienation -­ is inherent in capitalism and imperialism in the era of their decay and transitional demise, certainly, it is not an accident, not the whim or caprice of “Fuhrer,” of Bush ... it is the real, true grimace of democracy, of the world system in agony.

Now we have an idea of what is coming, of what Bush has in store for us.

* Fascism is the open, brutal face of capitalism and imperialism, is their real expression in severe crisis.

Only life, creativity, creation, the New, Original and Authentic, something totally different, can annihilate a world system in capitalist agony, in fascist decay, in nazi decomposition.

Franz J. T. Lee
Franz John Tennyson Lee, Ph. D (University of Frankfurt), Author, Professor Titular & Chairholder of Philosophy and Political Science, University of The Andes, Merida (Venezuela) -- ; ;
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