North American elections and Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution
Date: Wednesday, November 03 @ 11:37:05 UTC
Topic: USA

By Franz J. T. Lee

Today, the world is experiencing another Big Lie ... is learning, once more, what is reactionary, fake "democracy" ... is seeing what are fraudulent elections in the USA.

On the other hand, on October 31, 2004, we, Latin Americans ... the peoples of Venezuela and Uruguay ... have demonstrated how seriously we take revolutionary democracy and a possible emancipatory future for mankind.

* For Latin America, there is really no essential, political difference between "Republican" Bush and "Democratic" Kerry.

It is irrelevant who "wins." In any case, only one of these "Great Men" will be elected, indirectly by a majority of already brain-washed electors ... or will again be chosen by the Supreme Court.

In reality, Capital, their corporate bosses, have decided long ago, who will be at the helm of the next global "economic and political wars." What we will see within the next days is just a political circus, a social pastime, inaugurated by the international mass media, to deviate attention away from the real problems of corporate imperialism and of emancipatory revolution here in Latin America and elsewhere.

Within this global context, it is imperative to remember what we stated at the eve of the recall referendum of the "opposition" in Venezuela against President Chavez Frias, on August 15, 2004.

After the bogus US elections, more than ever, we will have to be on the alert ...the next bloody butchery against the "axis of evil," against Iran, has been launched already ... and Venezuela still finds herself within the global tentacles of the fascist framework of Bush's "full spectrum dominance. Thus, for our present readers, below we will recall some important remarks that we made in one of our previous commentaries: "The emancipatory quintessence of the Bolivarian Revolution."

We stated: "The quintessence of the Bolivarian Revolution is determined by the trans-historic reality of its counterpart, that is, by global fascism, currently spearheaded by the USA."

Against this global fascism in the making, that the majority of the population of the USA is sanctioning today, we have explained what are the immanent dangers for the Bolivarian Revolution:

"In Venezuela, for global fascism, for the Bush administration, the corrupt oligarchs, the Bolivarian Revolution is "undemocratic tyranny" and "terrorist dictatorship," hence, it has to be nipped in the bud, and be replaced by a democratic dictatorship for 10 to 20 years. For them, it is part of the 'axis of evil'."

Immediately, after all the political noise in the White House, of the CIA and CNN, have subsided, from Colombia, from the Latin American "Israel" of "Big Brother," we could expect a "sea of troubles," that will come in massive "battalions".

In our commentary, within the context of the Cuban Revolution, we have explained why this will happen: "Now, in the 21st Century, we are facing a revolutionary phenomenon: the continued revolutionary existence of Cuba, for over 40 years, and the emergence of the Bolivarian Revolution, and the revolutionary unity of both."

Meanwhile, cum grano salis, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Mercosur ... are entering this revolutionary arena, and within the context of American integration, more countries will follow. Worse even, logically, their economic eyes are focused on "Eurasia", on a coming Petro-Euro -- on the real, mortal, capitalist enemy of Bush and Kerry, of imperialist Corporate America.

This sows wind, and we will reap storm, violent hurricanes. !

Now, after the regional elections, excluding a few white or green spots, the political map of Venezuela is completely red. Yes, the Big Bully, Washington is seeing red!

Thus, only studying the Bolivarian Revolution as an isolated historical event, as only a local, national or regional occurrence "... is already missing the point. It is part and parcel of the global negating revolutionary process within global capitalism and imperialism. With Cuba, currently, it forms the tip of the ice-berg of global Negation, of saying "NO" to world fascism. The Bolivarian Revolution is part and parcel of World Revolution, is a trans-historic product of Capitalism itself."

What the current US elections really are all about, in various commentaries, we have explained in scientific details: "The capitalist system itself is in dialectical agony, this is what globalization, monopolization, concentration and fascism mean. This is expressed in its 'energy crisis,' in fact, an artificially created crisis, because there is sufficient energy available, right here on Earth, to distribute "free energy" to all, even to the ants and rats. That is, the electro-magnetic energy, of "occult physics," from the vacuum, discovered by scientists like Tesla, Reich, Titarenko, etc. However, applying this free energy globally would detonate the very exploitative essence of capitalism, opening avenues for creativity, creation and emancipation."

In these days of celebration, of enjoying our political triumph over the local lackeys of US corporate imperialism, we should not forget the far-reaching, international, dangerous effects of our political landslide victory:

"All these affect the Bolivarian Revolution, are globalizing its revolutionary efforts, make it an emancipatory paradigm for the world. Its praxis becomes the totality of global workers' resistance, its theory is permanent revolution."

Franz John Tennyson Lee, Ph. D (University of Frankfurt), Author, Professor Titular & Chairholder of Philosophy and Political Science, University of The Andes, Merida (Venezuela)

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