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    U.S.A.: Miami Seven Stand Accused of Thought Crime
    Posted on Tuesday, June 27 @ 03:05:24 UTC by admin

    USA By Kurt Nimmo, kurtnimmo.com

    In regard to arrested Nuwaubians in Miami, Time Magazine writes: "The arrested men appear to be part of a cult organization proclaiming itself to be Muslim—although a member of the same religious group says it is, in fact, based on a homebrew of Islam and Christianity, and calls itself 'Seas of David.' Its members, mainly Americans and Haitan (sic) immigrants, clearly have an enthusiasm for emulating and following al-Qaeda. But their only 'connection' with al-Qaeda appears to have been the fact that a government informant who had infiltrated their ranks had apparently convinced the alleged conspirators that he was, in fact, a Qaeda operative. The oaths of allegiance to the organization alleged by the indictment to have been taken by the accused were administered not by any representative of the organization, but to a U.S. government agent posing as a Qaeda operative."

    In other words, they were entrapped, same as the "terrorists" in Ottawa.

    It is now apparently a crime to have "enthusiasm for emulating and following al-Qaeda," absurd as this is on its face, especially for members of a cult not strictly based on "Islam and Christianity," as the stenographers at Time would have us believe.

    Nuwaubianism is an odd mélange of Madame Blavatsky influenced spiritualism and alien cryptozoology, among other things, and is not based on Sunni fundamentalism. Nuwaubianism is counter to the austere monotheism of Wahhabism and no doubt an operative from "al-Qaeda" would find the religion heretical and his young charges unacceptable for a holy war against the United States.

    But then the "operative" behind the bust is an FBI agent, not a Sunni fundamentalist hailing from the fantastical "al-Qaeda," a movement essentially created by western intelligence, Pakistan's Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence, and funded by Saudi Arabia.

    Time Magazine admits these Nuwaubian influenced "terrorists" were basically harmless, "strutting around a poor black neighborhood in military-style uniforms, wearing turbans, standing guard around the abandoned warehouse in which they lived and conducting late-night exercise drills, while telling neighbors that they had 'given their lives to Allah.' The basic habit of trained terrorists is secrecy and stealth; they do their utmost to fit in with their surroundings rather than stand out. The Miami seven, according to reports thus far, seemed to have been doing the exact opposite, behaving more like a Hollywood B-movie version of terrorists than the real thing."

    However, for the government and the corporate media, "Hollywood B-movie" terrorists are just what the doctor ordered, as Americans are surrounded by Hollywood stereotypes and these work just fine on their collective psyche.

    "The London bombings last summer were carried out by a self-taught group of British-born men who had no direct connection with al-Qaeda, yet sought to emulate it. But that grouping, perhaps having learned from the Qaeda terror manuals widely available on jihadist web sites, seem to have observed many of the same principles of secrecy that a group like the 9/11 plotters would have . Friends, family and neighbors were shocked to learn that young men in their midst who seemed no different from any others turned out to be terrorists. The extent of the danger represented by such groups depends on their capacities: Are they able to operate undetected? Do they have the means to carry out attacks? Do they have workable plans for such attacks?"

    Never mind that the London bombings were masterminded by a known MI6 asset, Haroon Rashid Aswat, and Iyman Faris, supposedly an "al-Qaeda" operative who supposedly plotted to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge, was an FBI asset, or in the weeks before nine eleven, the alleged hijackers were monitored by numerous intelligence agencies as they attempted to bone up on their miserable flight skills. It is of little significance Israeli "art students" (i.e., young Mossad agents) followed around and kept close tabs on Mohammed Atta and his key accomplice, Marwan al-Shehi.

    "After 911 these so called terrorists have been allowed to go on with business as usual, despite the 'war on terror' and in many instances have been protected. It seems that the authorities find it more useful to restrict the liberties of law abiding citizens by introducing draconian restrictive laws such as the Patriot act and Free speech zoning, whilst allowing those they label as terrorists to go undetected," writes Steve Watson.

    As well, the authorities, with the help of a complaisant corporate media, find it useful to set-up and frame young African-Americans who may or may not espouse al-Qaedaism, with more than a little help from the FBI.

    "From the indictment it is clear that the men had no shortage of ambition, asking for al-Qaeda training to wage a 'full ground war' to 'kill all the devils we can.' To his end, the group asked the undercover agent for a wish-list of equipment that included boots, uniforms, machine guns, bullet-proof vests, radios and vehicles—as well as $50,000 in cash," Time continues. "The group's leader also provided the government agent with 'a list of shoe sizes for the purchase of military boots for his "soldiers".' The idea that these seven men could wage a 'ground war' in the U.S. seems to have more in common with the fevered thinking behind various deadly cults over the years than with the operations of international terror networks."

    In other words, without the help of the FBI, determined to establish a "homegrown" terrorist threat, as elucidated by FBI head honcho Robert Mueller in Cleveland as the bust unfolded in Miami, these "terrorists," hailing from a cult that believes in shape-shifting reptiles, would have gone nowhere.

    "We've already seen this new face in terrorism in Madrid, London and Toronto," Mueller told the City Club in Cleveland. "They were persons who came to view their country as the enemy," a view helped along by FBI "informants," also known as agents provocateurs, practicing a form of entrapment perfected during the halcyon days of COINTELPRO—now back with a vengeance, as the neocons are in the process of demonizing Muslims of all stripe, even if said Muslims blend Moorish Science, nominally Islamic, with the belief their leader, Malachi Z. York, is from the planet Rizq.

    "Fevered minds can be very dangerous, of course. But the threat they present is quite different from that of transnational terror groups. After all, the government appears to have had no problem infiltrating and exposing this group, which was hardly making itself inconspicuous or impregnable—unlike the New York subway plot reported in TIME this week, whose perpetrators slipped into the U.S., conducted their surveillance, prepared the operational details of poison gas attacks, then aborted them on instructions from al-Qaeda leaders and departed America, all with U.S. security none the wiser."

    It appears the "fevered minds" of the Nuwaubians were exploited by the FBI, a possibility that does not seem to bother Time Magazine, as it is staunchly behind the effort to convince Americans, weary of war and terrorism, they face "homegrown" terrorism, a threat, however preposterous, more ominous than the alleged threat posed by "transnational terror groups," most in fact created by the CIA, MI6, Mossad, the Pentagon's DIA, and other intelligence outfits working in the shadows.

    Finally, although we were initially told these putative Nuwaubian al-Qaedaites wanted to kill "white devils," now we are told they wanted to "levy war against the government of the United States." It is absurd to believe impoverished kids from a Miami ghetto would be capable of taking on the government, especially when they are reduced to begging for boots and money from the FBI. As usual, rationality does not figure into the equation, as the point here is to scare the pants off clueless Americans perched before their idiot tubes, digesting pablum dispensed by the Ministry of Neocon Lies and Fantastic Campfire Stories.

    However, this did not stop U.S. Attorney R. Alexander Acosta from declaring: "You want to go and disrupt cells like this before they acquire the means to accomplish their goals." It also helps to plant an agent provocateur in their midst to egg them on and offer assistance. In effect, Acosta is accusing the "Miami Seven" of little more than thought crime.

    But then thought crime in America, as in Orwell's Oceania, is a punishable offense.

    Reprinted from:

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