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Commercial Land Use is an abomination!! *LINK*

To the 5th Generation Dutch-African who wants to know where he'll go and what he'll do: I say go back to where you willingly came from, there are 7th and 8th generation African-Americans who still await their 40 acres and a mule and live every day dealing with White Trash European-Americans calling for their return to Africa. No one has yet offered to reimburse them for generations of free labor and intellectual property; you on the other hand stole land which once provided simple sustenance to a people and abused it for profit, consider yourself paid in full.

Consider the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro that was destroyed by single crop (Coffee, Tobacco) commercial farming; land that the Chagga had farmed using crop rotation for centuries only to see the soil eroded after its abuse by Europeans. To the Olive Farmer, I say the world gets enough Olives from the Mediterranean imagine what your Olive orchard is doing to the South African soil. Ofcourse after your prodigality has desiccated the soil the indigenous people will be blamed for your incompetence and abuse of nature as they try to restore balance.

Its time for Africans to wake up and realize that Neandertals occupied Europe 500k years before the last ice age; yet no one bothers to ask the question, how much did their lifestyle and habits contribute to the destruction of their habitat that resulted in their premature extinction? How much longer must the sins of the father be visited upon his daughters and sons?

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Commercial Land Use is an abomination!! *LINK*
Re: Commercial Land Use is an abomination!! *LINK*
Re: Commercial Land Use is an abomination!! *LINK*
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