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The Elders Have Passed The Baton To The Youths

Progress cannot only be measured by the large excessive amount of material things which we have, although material things are needed to care for our people, in this European blood sucking society, in which we have been living for the past more than five hundred years. We must be alert enough to realize that things will not always be the same from day to day, in this world in which are living, There will be rainy days as well as Sunny days.

In my own opinion, the Rastafari people's movement is in a much more prosperous position than it was fifty or more years ago.There was a time when Rastafari people were dispised and rejected by the wider masses of the people, including their own black people, who thought that by associating with Rastafari people they would lose their jobs as teachers, Nurses, lawyers, Doctors, domestic workers, or whatever their profession may have been. Today some of those same set of people and people in other categories, are wearing dreadlocks and are involved in the struggle, internationally speaking.

The Rastafari people's movement has become International, as a result of the cultivation of great self determination and endurance, by Rastafari patriots from the early days, but now most of them are full of age, and those who are not full of age have passed away, while some of them are very sickly, it is time to pass the baton to the following generation and let them carry on the work, without removing the foundation which was laid by by the ancients.

The last time I saw Ras Historian was 20 year ago, and at that time he was running his on clothing business, in the Arcade which was built for vendors, but so many things can take place in a day what to say in twenty years. Ras Historian must be full of age too and may have been sick of downpression and other kinds of sickness. I am trying hard to find out where the rural areas of Jamaica he was sent to stay. It is the youths who must now work the farms and take good care of the elders.

It is the individuals who are involved with the make up any movement, and that includes the Rastafari people's movement, so if the individuals who make up the movement are doing well, then the movement should also do well. Today Rastafari people are involved in almost any profession which you can think of in this world, and they are making good salaries too, and that includes those brothers and sisters who are involved in musical promotions and productions.

The movement in my opinion was all ways able to feed it self in its own humble way, not in a extravagant manner. The Rastafari people's movement is based on the African principle of sharing and that principlwe will never be abolished. I have never known African people at home and abroad, to be not cultivating some kind of food products in the history of my life, when it is not sugar cane, it it is cotton or tobacco, or some kind of slaving for other people, and if the run the risk and eat a fruit, sometimes the ranger is sure to shoot.

There are constructive efforts being made now among Rastafari people, to make life better for African people eyerywhere, but these efforts are being done in the moods of humble standing, they are not being broadcast on the Radio and tv. The harvest cannot be reaped the same day it is planted, it has to be watered and nourish and be cleaned of the weeds, until the day of harvest arrives.

I am not a person who try to make predictions because none of us can tell what the future will bring, but it is noticeable that Africans abroad are going back to Africa day by day, and Rastafari people are now living in Ethiopia for quite a reasonable period of time, and I have no doubt in my mind that the numbers will grow as the years go by. So, the Rastafari people told the world that Ethiopia is their home and now they are living there. Take it from me, Rastafari people are survivors and they will survive from generation to generation.

Well, you may be able to observe things which are taking place in the area where you are living, but it is hard for you to be able to observe what is taking place in areas where you are not in touch with. So, there are things which you are aware of that I may not be aware of, and there are things which I am aware of which you are not aware of. Anyway, what ever you are doing to bring prosperity to the Rastafasri people's movement, keep on doing it, and I will keep on doing whatever I am doing. The European slave trading masters are really to be blamed, for the degrading living condition, which the African people find themselves in over the past more than five hundred years. The journey of life
continues. Take the best care of your people.
Again I send many oceans of blessings and self determination to African people everywhere.
Baba Ras Marcus.

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