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Rastafari People Remain African Liberators .
In Response To: Re: Another Nyabinghi Blues. ()

Rastafari People are African Liberators amd will remain Afruican Liberators Until Liberation is achieved. The Foundations of the Rastafari People's Movement was built in the early days by the early patriots of the movement, and has become a great shelter for so many thousands of people, who are today calling themselves Rastafari people whether they are or not. The cultural bridges upon which you walked to cross over, and upon which you are still walking were created by the sacrifices and self determination of the Rastafari Patriots of the early days, some of whom are passed and some of whom are still around today, although they are full of age.

I do not think that the playing of African drums should be abolshed in the Rastafari movement nor in any African liberation movements, considering that the drums is a transmiter which transmit the feelings and thinking of the people who are playing the drum, we are talking here about internal words, sounds and spiritual power. The drums are one of our Africasn musical instruments and should remain with us as African people as long as we can maintain this to be, from generation to generation.

The Iyavine spiritual self determination which was used and is still being used to to resist babylon throughout the many years, was able to influence millions of people across the globe including yourself and Bob Marley and his family and so many others, and today you can see the light and more people are standing up for their rights. Bob Marley and so many more musicians have proclaimed the truth through music, and so we must give Iyasies, for great are the people who publish the words of truth and rights for others to hear and digest as well as learn.

You have also spoke about commercial business, well if you are observing the Rastafari people's movement, you will see that there are many houses now, who have taken their own business approach, and is working in a governmental way, to try to make things better for African people everywhere. There are so many Rastafari farmers in Jamaica and other Caribbean Countries, then we have Rastafari farmers in Africa places like Kenya, but let us look at Africa Unite, that 2005 DVD which was done in Ethiopia, the same DVD which Bongo Tawney appeared in, can you not see governmental and commercial activities in the manifestation of that great venture?

Rastafari people and African people in general are not beggars as you chose to describe us, when
there are grief and sorrows in any African family, it is the duty of members of our race to assist in any way that we can share, in order to solve the problem in our African faimilies, sharing or fund raising for a worthy cause should not be considered as begging, we are members of the same African race and the family which you assist today, will be also in a position to assist your family tomorrow, it is just an African way of life and that also we will not abolish.

There is no good reason why Ras Tawney should not be buried on his family's property, this has been a very long time custom among African people especially in rural areas in so many countries, and why should they spend money to buy a burial spot when they have land lots of land, and what difference does it make? are you thinking about fashion on funerals? Vanity of Vanity said the preacher, it is all vanity, and since it was ordained to be that way, just let it be.

You talk about Rastafari people getting their own cemetary, my own personal views about disposing of the remains of people, is to burn the remains in a Sacred fire, which is also called cremation, and then have a menmorial, and pay tribute to the good which that person did, for his or her community and people, while he or she was alive. Leave the land space for the farmers, to plant oranges and bananas, potatoes and tomatoes and all manner of food stuff to feed humanity.
So, when some one pass away, and a sharing is in progress, do not spend all of that money on the disposal of the remains, leave some of that money to help to take care of the living. I think that I may have covered everything but if I did not, then I ask for your forgiveness. The journey of life continues. Take the best care of yourself and your people.
Again I send many oceans of blessings and self determination to African people everywhere.
Baba Ras Marcus.

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Rastafari People Remain African Liberators .
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