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and the winner is..."Precious" ? *LINK*

peace and hotep,

Lee Daniels does 'it' again:

A Counter Racist Movie Review
by Josh Wickett

A single Black female gets romantically involved with a White male prison guard who participated in her husbands execution. She doesn't know this but he finds out early on and is silent on the issue.

The movie MONSTER'S BALL was a slam dunk in terms of White Supremacy programming. Under the refined form of White Supremacy that is up and running today, people are encouraged to DESCRIBE the problems that Black people face but are discouraged from making an accurate diagnosis of the root causes and more importantly, suggesting a solution. This allows White people to use the term "unfortunate" to describe the condition of victims of racism. They use this word because of its ability to ascribe a type of "neutrality" to things that happens. Getting struck by lightening, getting cancer, having an impacted wisdom tooth...these things are "Unfortunate" because although they are "bad," I didn't have anything to do with it; I'm not responsible... Watch that word and how they use it.

Halle Berry plays the stressed out single Black female mom (Leticia) whose husband Lawrence (Puff Daddy) is awaiting execution on death row. They have a young 10 or 11 year old son who is grossly over-weight as a result of dependency depravation syndrome. Billy Bob Thorton plays "Hank" the White male prison guard who comes from a family racists prison guards. This truly an ugly family, lots of dysfunction there. Hanks son (Sonny) is also a prison guard and they both work at the prison where Leticia's husband Lawrence is to be executed.

During the execution Sonny gets sick and vomits while escorting Lawrence to the electric chair. Lawrence is executed on schedule but Hank is embarrass and offended at this behavior and proceeds to beat the hell out of Sonny afterwards. The fight is broken up only to resume later at the family house. Sonny, unable to get love from his father commits suicide in front of dad and granddad. After that, Hank quits "the team" (the prison job which is symbolic of White Supremacy) and burns his corrections officer uniform.

With the exception of the grandfather, who is an overt racist, all the characters are portrayed sympathetically. There is someone for everyone to identify with. No one is shown as "bad", they are all just people in *UNFORTUNATE* circumstances. Leticia has all the single Black female parent pathologies that result from White Supremacy; about to get evicted, beat up broken down car, sons father in jail, chain smokin...drinkin...stressed out... but this is all UNFORTUNATE right?

When Leticia's car blows a gasket forcing her to walk home at night in a rainstorm during which her son get hit by a car; who just happens to be driving by? Hank, the "knight in shining armor." At the hospital the little boy dies and Hank is the only person Leticia can turn to, Which she does, collapsing in his arms crying her heart out at the hospital.

What follows is a few days mourning and an evening of hot sex in her house between the two of them. The next morning Hank gets up and sees a picture of Lawrence in her bathroom which causes him to vomit when he realizes whose wife he's having sex with. does he say anything? Nope. The rest of the movie is Leticia falling in love and Hank buying her things and remaining silent about what he knows. In the final scene Leticia finally finds out what Hank has known all along.

Now follow my set up for this last scene.
Leticia has been evicted from her house and has moved in to Hanks house. They have some more hot sex and afterwards Hank leaves to get some Ice Cream. While he's gone, Leticia finds evidence that Hank was a member or her dead husbands execution team. Now she's angry, confused and frustrated. When Hank comes back and sees her like this (confused, angry and frustrated) he tells her, "you look beautiful" (how's that for victim programming). And she just looks at him in silence.

They sit on the front porch in silence eating ice cream and that's how it ends, a White male confident in his ability to deceive and a Black female confused and dependent.

Many Black people were disappointed that the end of the movie left the main issue unresolved. But that's how White Supremacy works, the Black female is supposed to end up confused and dependent which is how the movie ends. From a symbolic perspective, the secret Hank keeps concerning his role in her husbands execution is a metaphor for all the useful information White people have about how White Supremacy works that they won't tell us. His resignation from the prison job and burning of his uniform are symbolic of a White person "resigning" from White supremacy while still exploiting the victims of it for their "hot sweet wet chocolate pussy."
That right, I said it, and I won't take it back!

There is far too much racist instruction and victim programming in this movie for me to list. Puff Daddy does a respectable acting job, Billy Bob Thorton is convincing though he tends to mumble at times. Hanks dad "Buck" deserves an Oscar for his portrayal of a racist. When he meets Leticia for the first time he tells her, "I used ta get some nigger juice back in my day... you ain't a man till ya split some dark oak."

Important going to ask Black females what they thought of this movie, it is then that I will have a better understanding of the effectiveness of this refined form of White Supremacy programming. I suggest you do the same.

Josh Wickett

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and the winner is..."Precious" ? *LINK*

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