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He Was Shot 21 Times and Found Handcuffed *LINK*

Imam shot 21 times including in the back according to source.

Shocking Details Of Slain Imam's Autopsy
Updated: Friday, 29 Jan 2010, 11:42 PM EST
Published : Friday, 29 Jan 2010, 11:42 PM EST

Dearborn Police have kept it under wraps for 90 days. They planned to release the autopsy results of Imam Luqman Ameen on Monday. But Fox 2 has found out what's in it. And the details already have some very alarmed. Fox 2's Brad Edwards was the first to break this story.

Detroit FOX 2 reporter Brad Edwards reported from a confidential source that Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah was shot 21 times by the FBI according to an autopsy thatís been withheld per request of the Dearborn Police Department.

Besides Edwards saying he was shot 21 times, we now know the following:

1) He was shot multiple times below the belt including in the genitals.

2) He was shot in the BACK.


4) He was in the prone position in a trailer.

How was he shot in the back?

Why was he handcuffed after being shot 21 times?

If he was alive after being shot 21 times and handcuffed, why was Freddy the dog flown for medical treatment but not him?

Did he even shoot Freddy the dog, or were those FBI bullets that killed the dog? In addition, was a necropsy (animal autopsy) performed on the dog, which shows what caliber of bullets it was shot with?

Was there surveillance video at the scene since it was sting?

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He Was Shot 21 Times and Found Handcuffed *LINK*
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