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Re: $31M Florida lottery winner found............

peace and hotep,

Abraham Shakespeare.

who among us would not accept 1 million dollars in exchange for acclaiming that one would acclaim that one won 100 million? or 50 million?

many would declare such in exchange for a 'brief' escape from this life's misery.

some ones would even accept less for their part of a deceptive ploy.

as long as people 'survive' instead of 'live', this will be the case.

could a power structure/system place riches or wealth into the hands of any one indiscriminately?

if a pedophile won the lottery, would it discontinue to abuse children just because of it's enrichment?

if a drug dealer won the lottery, would it stop abusing it's neighbors.......

if a member of al quieda won the lottery, would it cease practicing 'terrorism'.......

if a counter-racist won the lottery would it stop countering White Supremacy.......

what would happen when one bites the hand of who's feeding it?

what would happen Winfrey, Cosby, Jordan, Johnson or Jackson when you bite the 'hand'?

it may never be known whether or not Abraham Shakespeare bit the 'hand' or not but when any one becomes complicit in the destruction of others, there is usually a 'trickle-down' effect.

power gives up nothing without a struggle and nothing in this 'world' is free as of yet....


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