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Start with the Man in the Mirror!
In Response To: Re: Your Point? ()

My allegiance to the ideals of the U.S.A. should not pre-suppose an allegiance to the ideals of the Jew.S.A.

But enough about me, where does your allegiance lie? Why are you in Africa depriving true Africans of food and land? You question my censure of American leadership yet you were the first to criticize the leadership in Guinea, which last time I checked was still on the African continent; and saw nothing wrong in a loose-cannon taking shots at a Guinean leader? Can you spell double standard?

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THE BIGGEST MISTAKE or was Obama 'stupid'......
Maybe he should produce a valid birth...
October 23, 1989 *LINK*
Re: Maybe he should produce a valid birth...
Your Point? *NM*
Re: Your Point?
Start with the Man in the Mirror!
Or did I miss the consensual lobotomy? *NM*
Obama's America *NM* *LINK*
Re: THE BIGGEST MISTAKE or was Obama 'stupid'.....

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